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Student Stories

Demi Tiffany
Building relationships at school and in life
Canyon Country, CA
Medical Assistant, Certificate

Demi Tiffany says she spent too long not knowing what she wanted to do with her life. She knew she enjoyed helping people and that she was good at math and science, but she wasn’t sure what that all added up to. That feeling ended when she found Charter College Canyon Country, where she discovered the Medical Assistant program.

Dental Assisting, Certificate

When Amanda found herself a single mom with two kids to care for, she knew she needed to improve her career prospects. Fortunately she also knew where to turn.

Brittany Dental assistant student charter college
Dental Assisting, Certificate

Brittany had enrolled in a construction program at another school, but soon realized her job prospects would be limited. She went to Charter College looking for a new career path in a growing field, and she found it in dental assisting.

Tough economy leads Sheryl to Charter College
Vancouver, WA
Business Administration, A.A.S.

Sheryl headed back to school at Charter College to get the training she needed to make her more competitive.

Kristin C.
Medical Assistant, Certificate

As a single mom, Kristin got to the point where she couldn’t afford to work retail anymore. After four years of 10-cent raises, Kristin knew her job wasn’t taking her anywhere and she needed to make a change, so she enrolled at Charter College in the Medical Assistant program.


Thomas was a good student in high school, but when he graduated he didn’t have any direction, so he enlisted in the Army. After his service he was more mature, more organized, and more driven to succeed and he knew he needed a college education.


Edgar started working in restaurants when he was 15. He recognized early on that it was not a path that was going to lead to financial stability. When he found himself a single father, finding a better career became a priority. Edgar turned to Charter College in order to provide a better life for his daughter and himself.


Deepashni had to learn to be brave. She was a shy 20 year old living in Fiji when she learned about Charter College Bellingham on a visit to Canada. Eager to jumpstart a technology career, Deepashni moved away from her family and enrolled in the Charter College network technology program.

Medical Assistant, Certificate

After high school, Natalie got a job in a coffee shop. It wasn’t long before she realized she didn’t want to be stuck doing that kind of work for that kind of pay for the rest of her life.


It took Renatta a few years to find her path. She went to culinary school, enlisted in the Army, and enrolled in community college. Nothing felt right until she found Charter College and the medical office administration program.