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How to start a business career
Career Path
December 7, 2016

You can get your foot in the door of a business career with a basic understanding of business principles and training in some of the technologies

Online Learning Strategies
Graduate Success
December 5, 2016

Are you ready to test the waters of online learning? What a great idea!

Charter College Career EBook
Career Path
November 28, 2016

Are you ready to build a better future with a new career?

How to Build the Perfect Resume
Career Path
November 21, 2016

You only have 6 seconds to grab someone’s attention and convince them that you’re the right candidate for the job of your dreams.

Student Life
November 16, 2016

Sean Thomas had high expectations for the Billings campus when he took charge as Campus Manager last March, and he hasn’t been disappointed.

Charter News
November 14, 2016

The holidays are a great time to get together with family and friends. Aren’t the parties awesome?

EMT training
Career Path
November 9, 2016

You’ve seen them hundreds of times on television and the movies. You may have even seen an EMT in action in real life.

Student Life
November 7, 2016

There are more than 6 million online students.1 What do they know that you don’t about ELearning and the virtual classroom?

Importance of Dental Hygiene
Career Path
November 2, 2016

Did you know the most important reason for good oral hygiene has nothing to do with your teeth?