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You're on the Job Hunt: Here Are Some Tips

Once you have the training and credentials to start your new career, you’ll also need a strategy to enter the field. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for that very first job or are ready for an upgrade, here are 5 tips on what to do when you are on the job hunt:

  1. Screen Job Postings Carefully

Whether you look in-house on your company’s job board or online where hundreds of jobs are listed every day, make sure to thoroughly read the job posting. Choose those that most closely match your skillset. Does that mean you have to check off every box from the essential duties and responsibilities section? Not necessarily. Every company has must-haves and would-like-to-have for job candidates. To get a sense of what a job will actually require, read the posting carefully and then be sure to explore the company website.

  1. Apply to Jobs with Confidence!

You can’t get hired, if you don’t apply! When searching for jobs online, look for the keywords that relate to your expertise or interest in your field. Once you’ve identified a few possibilities, then look into the company mission and see if you think you’d be a good fit. Always apply with a cover letter and be ready to provide references, even if they don’t ask for them. And while you won’t want to apply to every job that might vaguely work for you, be open to new ideas. An okay job in a great company could lead to a bright future.

  1. Hit the Interview Out of the Park

Your job search will hopefully lead to interviews. Whether it’s a telephone interview or in-person, you’ll want to treat them with the same level of seriousness and preparation. Research the company and position and then prepare for your interview by having sample questions and answers ready in your mind. Practice saying them out loud. Consider the tone of your voice and level of enthusiasm. If it’s in-person, make sure to make eye contact and be honest and confident in your responses. Even if you don’t always get offered the position, interviews are great practice.

  1. Be Honest During the Interview

Speak to your strengths and weaknesses with honesty. But remember, you’re trying to sell yourself! It’s okay to boast of your accomplishments and have ready answers of all you learned from the occasional small misstep. Be as specific as you can in your answers, offering real-world examples. There are even ways to turn a negative into a positive. Maybe you had a supervisor with whom you didn’t see eye-to-eye. Be sure to find something good to say, regardless. You never want to bad-mouth a former employer.

  1. Follow Up the Interview with a Thank You

Always send a thank you note after a first interview. If you’re uncomfortable sending a handwritten note, at least send an email. You should send one to each person you met with. It will highlight to employers just how much you appreciated their time and want to work with them.


At Charter College, we have programs in Healthcare, Business, Information Technology, Veterinary Assistant and some Trades. And our Career Services Team is ready to help you with career planning and your job search. We work to get you to work, so apply to one of our programs, today for a better tomorrow!