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You're a Born Leader: Show It Off On Your Resume

Published: November 16, 2015 | Updated: November 10, 2020

Have you ever been a shift supervisor or run a charity event for your church or community? Those are great examples of leadership that you should highlight on your resume. Whether you hope to find a career in business, healthcare or some other area, your initiative, drive and ability to lead can help you land a job and find a career.

Look at old jobs with a fresh eye. If you’ve ever worked in food service, retail or even in a factory, you know something about hard work. But do you also know something about leadership? If you set up displays, manned a cash register or supervised others, you’ve been a leader. Use action words on your resume that express your abilities and your confidence. You created a display, ran a cash register, led a team. What else have you done?

Highlight your charitable work. When you’re passionate about a cause, you’re more likely to step up and lead when asked. Highlight examples when you did! Explain the roles you’ve held with nonprofits and on charitable events and boast about your successes. Including charitable work on your resume gives you an opportunity to show off your leadership skills and also to demonstrate that you care for important causes.

Focus on skills that reflect your leadership qualities. Even if you’ve never had an actual title that shouts out leadership, you probably still possess skills that do. Are you a great cheerleader or team captain? Do people listen to you because you’re able and confident? These are leadership qualities that you can include on your resume and in your cover letter. Use the objective or skills section on your resume to explain how well you communicate, build teams and get others to pay attention to what you say. Give examples of projects you’ve run and the results you’ve gotten.

Customize your resume for the job. Every time you apply for a job, your cover letter and your resume should seem like a perfect match to the job you’re seeking. Pull keywords directly from the job posting. If the employer is looking for someone who has managed projects, give examples when you have and how you’ve delegated responsibilities. If they want someone who is dependable, highlight the jobs you’ve held the longest. And if they want someone who’s up for a challenge, give examples of obstacles you’ve overcome.

At Charter College, we’ll teach you all about your new career and also teach you real world skills like leadership. Are you ready to lead? Check out our career focused programs in Business, Health Care, Information Technology, Veterinary Assistant and the Trades.