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Yakima Celebrates Awesomely Fantastic Graduates

Published: August 29, 2018

Charter College Yakima hosted a graduation ceremony at the Yakima Convention Center on Saturday, August 10, to celebrate the achievements of 86 graduates.

The keynote speaker was Artemio X. Madrigal-Sanchez, an Organization Development Specialist with Virginia Mason Memorial. He shared his thoughts on the importance of a strong work ethic and how your job doesn’t define who you are, but rather who you will become.

“The number one lesson I could offer you where your work is concerned is this: become so skilled, so vigilant, so flat-out awesomely fantastic at what you do, that your talent cannot be dismissed,” he said in part of his speech.

Joining Madrigal-Sanchez on the stage was Susan Colby, a graduate of the Medical Assistant Certificate program, who is currently working on her Associate of Applied Science in Allied Health (through the Vancouver campus) while working as a medical assistant. “Susan is a reflection of the commitment, persistence, and achievement shared by all members of this class,” said Campus President Daisy Mendoza. “I knew from the moment I met her, Susan would blow us away with her empathy and charisma. And now here we are, a year later, watching her and her classmates walk across this stage.”


  • Adilene Reyes
  • Adrian Hernandez
  • Alejandra Avalos
  • Alexandra C. Estrada
  • Alexus Martin
  • Alma Valencia
  • Amanda L. Leighty
  • Angelica M. Garcia
  • Anika J. Bobb
  • Ashley M. Peterson
  • Brandon J. Jackson
  • Brenda Bergevin
  • Britney Jones Sterling
  • Bryce A. Inman
  • Calene M. Ponce
  • Christopher Mendoza
  • Christopher W. Sears
  • Chrystal Holman
  • Claudia Medina Avina
  • Claudio Peral
  • Cody R. Dameron
  • Cristobal Bautista-Cisneros
  • Daniella E. Mock
  • Danielle M. Canup
  • Dawnelle J. Chen
  • Deyhanira B. Lara
  • Edgar Guzman
  • Ellissa M. Quinlivan
  • Esmeralda Campos
  • Flormaria Cervantes Solano
  • Gabriela Hernandez
  • Hannah Dexter
  • Jacob M. Carter
  • Jacqueline Martinez
  • Janette Ruiz-Cervantes
  • Jay Holtman
  • Jennifer Mateo
  • Jesus Medina
  • Jordan A. Cerna
  • Jose J. Rocha
  • Joseph Weeks
  • Juan Cuevas
  • Juan J. Benavides
  • Juan Martinez
  • Judith N.  Rivas
  • Kaitlyn N. Godden
  • Keelie C. McCauley
  • Kipcia Ceja-Isiordia
  • Laura M. Perez
  • Leah Hawk-Vivette
  • Leticia Lopez
  • Lizeth Martinez
  • Luis F. Dominguez-Soares
  • Marbella Cervantes
  • Mari Duarte-Michel
  • Maribel Diaz
  • McKenzie K. Frank
  • Michael Garner
  • Michelle L. Roberts
  • Misty S. King
  • Monica Gomez
  • Nissi Y. Abundiz
  • Noemi Castro
  • Olivia Jones
  • Rafael Arellano
  • Ramiro Ventura
  • Samantha E. Fayard
  • Samantha L. Eyle
  • Sandra Yallup
  • Sarai Maldonado Cambray
  • Scotty Flowers
  • Selenia Diaz
  • Shalynn Pridgen
  • Sheena N. Peck-Schaaf
  • Shelley R. Utt
  • Susan K. Colby
  • Sydney Wick
  • Tawnie M. Petterborg
  • Tiffany Vincent
  • Vanessa G. Castro
  • Vanessa M. Munguia
  • Veronica Chavez
  • Veronica Farias
  • Wesley H. Jones
  • Yaritsa J. Luna
  • Yean C. Casillas Agosto

“We’re all working together to help our students live their dreams and graduation is the beginning of their new lives,” said Mendoza. “I hope the biggest thing our graduates have learned at Charter College is that they can do anything. They have already shown that by focusing on their dreams they can succeed. Now it’s time to focus on the next dream and remember that the best is yet to come.”  

Charter College Yakima offers residents of south central Washington career education opportunities in health care and the trades. The campus offers blended learning programs in Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (HVAC) and Medical Assistant.