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Reasons Why an IT Degree Is Worth It

Published: March 6, 2019 | Updated: September 8, 2020

Do you like to work with computers? Are you a skilled problem solver? If so, then you are likely a great candidate for a career in information technology. Whether you have a lifelong love of computers or it’s a fairly new interest for you, there are multiple reasons a degree in IT could help you in your career.

IT Degree Helps You Land a Great Entry-Level Job

Your information technology and computer job options are limited without an IT degree. Employers will probably only consider you for help desk positions in which you must demonstrate your skills and knowledge over time.

Another benefit to formal training is that employers often want to see that you have a certification or degree in IT when they consider hiring. Varied certifications demonstrate your competencies and also show that you’re serious enough about IT to pursue and complete a training program and additional professional credentials. As a result, you can take advantage of higher average salaries and more responsibilities with an IT degree.

Enter Your IT Career with Experience

Let’s say you want to set up and manage computer networks for businesses. This is a critical aspect of IT for organizations around the world because it connects their computers to one another and helps them communicate.

You can teach yourself as much as possible, but when it comes to hands-on experience, it may be hard to come by outside of a classroom. And because networks are so important to businesses, they want to hire people who are experienced working on them. This is where your degree comes in. In a good computer networking systems program, you’ll participate in simulations in addition to reading about processes. That way, when you graduate, you can confidently apply for entry-level jobs related to computer networking and show that you have the experience and education an employer requires.

Advance Your Career with an IT Degree

Not only can an IT degree help you find a great entry-level position; it can also help you advance your career even further. A degree proves to employers that you have the skills and background to take on more responsibilities. You most likely need a degree to advance to roles such as systems administrator, database administrator, computer network architect, or project manager.

Even if you started your first IT job without a degree, you should still consider a training program. This can help you take your career to another level either with your existing employer or someplace new.

You Can Strengthen IT Skills You Might Overlook

Your natural tendency might be to practice IT skills you know and enjoy. But the IT field is so big and offers such a large variety of jobs that it’s a good idea to hone multiple skills. That will make you better qualified for more jobs where you might need to know how to perform a variety of tasks. You may even be surprised to find that, with some guidance from instructors, you could enjoy and excel at something in IT that you used to overlook.

Formal IT Training Can Help You Discover Your Specialty

Maybe you are interested in working with computers or their networks but haven’t had the opportunity to dig deep into specific areas of IT work. A good IT program will give you the chance to study different concepts and utilize hands-on training in a variety of areas to learn what you enjoy the most.

For example, maybe you have dabbled in web development and design, but once you get into a computer information systems program, you learn that you’re actually more interested in data management and want to pursue a career in that field. In that instance, a degree training program would not only have helped you learn about a new interest, but also give you the tools and experience to pursue the path that’s right for you.


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