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Why You Need to Use the Internet for Your Job Search   

Published: May 18, 2020

If you want to find a job, build your network, and have a long career, the Internet is critical for the job hunt.

Here’s why you need to use the Internet for your job search:

You Can Check Your Online Reputation

Before you apply to any jobs, search for yourself online. What comes up? Is there anything you wouldn’t want a potential employer to see? Maybe photos of you at a party that aren’t so flattering or an old comment on a message board you wish you hadn’t made. Take what steps you can to remove the less-than-professional content. A lot of it will be in your control to delete, or you can ask the person who owns the account where it was posted. Make your social media accounts private if they aren’t already, and going forward, act professionally online.

You Get Access to The Most Current Job Postings

Online jobs boards are updated all the time, especially on larger sites and those with a lot of positions. Many sites allow the company hiring to post the open position themselves, so it will go live whenever the employer needs to hire. This means it’s a good idea to refresh your search at least once a day to see the newest openings.

You Can See What Jobs Are Available in Other Places

Do you want to relocate to be closer to family or just start fresh? One of the great things about the Internet is that it gives you access to the World Wide Web and you get exactly that—information from websites from around the world. So when you use the Internet for your job search, you can easily look for openings as close or as far from home as you want.

You Can Find Specific Types of Jobs on the Internet

While jobs of all kinds are posted on major sites like Indeed, CareerBuilder and Zip Recruiter, it can be worthwhile to look on sites dedicated to your industry too. For example, HospitalRecruiting.com is a nationwide jobs board for the healthcare industry. Nurses, allied health professionals and non-clinical healthcare workers are some of the people who can find positions there. On industry-specific jobs boards, you may find positions there that aren’t posted on the major sites.

You Can Research Companies and Jobs

Whether you find an open position at a company you’re familiar with or one that is totally new to you, the Internet is your friend when you want to find out more details about the organization. You can explore the company’s website and also look at online reviews and news articles to help you learn more. What you find can help you determine whether this is a company you’re really interested in. It can also give you good background to tailor your resume or cover letter to the company and its specific job opening. The same methods can help you prepare for an interview later.

You Can Apply Quickly to Jobs on the Internet

Once you have updated your resume and written a cover letter, the Internet allows you to immediately submit your application to the jobs that match your skills. Many companies have a system online where you fill out an application electronically and upload documents like your resume and cover letter. Some jobs boards make it even simpler and allow you to apply to the job directly from there. You may also have the opportunity to apply by sharing your LinkedIn profile or the resume you already have uploaded to your account on that site.


Do you have the skills you need for a rewarding career? Check out the programs offered at Charter College. Once you have the training, our Career Services department can help you with your job search, resume, interview preparation and more. Give us a call at 888.200.9942 today.