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Why Healthcare Careers Are a Good Choice in Montana

Healthcare careers are a good choice in Montana. Providers – like clinics, labs, and medical offices – are among the state’s top employers. Jobs in healthcare are growing, and according to the Western Montana Area Health Education Center program coordinator Martha Robertson, there aren’t enough people to fill those positions.1 Specially trained entry-level healthcare professionals are in demand, especially in Billings and Missoula, the largest cities in the state.

The healthcare industry in both cities is strong and the outlook is good. Here are 4 reasons why you might want to consider a healthcare job in Montana:

1. Major Economic Driver

Healthcare is the top economic driver in Missoula County, home of the City of Missoula, and Yellowstone County, home of Billings. Healthcare earnings from both counties top all other industries at close to $600 million each. In Missoula County, healthcare also has the highest earnings growth (more than $20 million), while in Yellowstone County healthcare is second only to construction (at $50 million). By these measures, healthcare is a major contributor to the local economy, which is good for you and everyone else.2

2. Positive Industry Outlook

A few years back the state approved an expansion to Medicaid. This has been good for the healthcare industry. In fact, it’s helped the industry grow and should help to hold it up. According to the Montana Employment and Labor Force Predictions, Missoula County should see a 17 percent growth surge from the Medicaid expansion; in Billings, 14 percent.4  This could mean more opportunities for starter jobs with healthcare employers.

3. More and More Jobs

Montana’s healthcare industry is the largest in the state and is expected to add the most jobs over the next ten years. In fact, healthcare is one of the fastest growing industries in the state. That means more opportunities for you. There is demand for jobs like nursing assistant, registered nurse, home health aide, and medical and dental assistant.4

4. You Get to Live in Montana

Maybe one of the best reasons to consider a healthcare career in Montana is because you’ll be in Montana! Lots of clean air, open skies and vast landscapes, Montana is the fourth-largest state, but ranks 43rd in total population. The Treasure State also has a cost of living rate that is 6.29 percent lower than the rest of the country.6 And cities like Missoula and Bozeman make the top 100 list for livability.7/8


If you’ve been thinking of a healthcare career in Montana, the industry is strong in its two biggest cities—and Charter College has campuses in both Billings and Missoula. We offer a wide range of healthcare programs that can prepare you for an entry level job. Through a combination of online and in-classroom studies, you’ll develop skills that will allow you to take advantage of the great job prospects in Missoula, Billings, and the whole state of Montana! Find out how you could learn to meet the specific needs of Montana healthcare employers.



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