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What You Don’t Know About Business Administration

Published: September 23, 2020

The world of business is exciting and fast-paced. And there are billions of businesses out there with lots of roles for ambitious, well-trained individuals. That’s probably why so many people pursue Business Administration degrees. But what does Business Administration even mean? Here’s what you don’t know—but should know—about this rewarding career path.

What Is Business Administration?

Put simply, Business Administration is how a business is managed from the top and encompasses all aspects of a company’s operations. This includes financial resources, workforce, and sales. To work in Business Administration, you’ll need to develop knowledge and skills in all of these areas and understand how they work together to build a business’s success.

What Business Areas Can I Work In?

The benefit of a career in Business Administration is that you’ll be able to choose which area you’d like to work in—and there are a variety of options:

  • Human Resources: HR is all about the management of people. In this department, you could work as an HR specialist. You might assist with the employee hiring process, file management and audits, or help the payroll and benefits administrators.
  • Accounting: This department is in charge of the financial aspects of the company and has a lot of responsibility. Accountants and accounting specialists work together to make purchases, pay vendors, and ensure the company stays within budget. And it’s the Accounting team that prepares reports on the financial wellbeing of the organization.
  • Sales: If you’re outgoing and have the gift of persuasion, you may want a job in the sales department. As a sales specialist, you’ll set up meetings with potential clients and pitch your company’s product or services.
  • Marketing: If you’re a creative problem-solver, you might like a job as a marketing assistant. Here, you’ll work with the marketing team to analyze the company’s sales reports and market trends to figure out what customers are buying and why. You’ll target your audience and help create marketing collateral that reaches them and helps to convince them that your company and its products are the best. You might make brochures and fliers, or ad campaigns for digital marketing. Or you might be in charge of your organization’s social media content.

What Skills Do You Need to Succeed in Business Administration?

If you want to work in Business Administration, you’ll need technical knowledge and soft skills. Here are a few of those soft skills you’ll need to hone:

  • Communication: Business communication skills are critical for any business. The way you communicate creates an impression with your customers, co-workers, and supervisors. You’ll need to speak and write professionally and also hone your listening skills. You can’t satisfy your customers or supervisors if you don’t listen to what they want.
  • Organization: Some days you’ll be buried under a pile of work. To stay on top of all of your assignments, you’ll need to stay organized. Jot down assignments and deadlines in a planner or calendar and keep your work area clean and your papers filed properly.
  • Problem Solving: Every company has a different hierarchy and work culture, but one thing is certain no matter where you work—you can’t constantly run to your boss with every little problem. You’ll need to learn how to solve minor problems on your own. It will take a little creativity and quick thinking, but you may become so good at it that your co-workers will turn to you for help.


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