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What Would You Do as An Office Manager?

Published: March 29, 2017

It doesn’t matter if you work in a huge organization or an itty bitty office with only a few employees, an Office Manager can make or break a company. What kind would you be? A rock star or a wreck? Here’s what you’d need to do to wow the boss and give the company win after win:

Run systems and files: Most every modern business uses technology to keep things running smoothly. You’ll need a full understanding of programs like Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. You’ll also need to know the company’s accounting system inside and out. That means you may need to enter important credits and debits, and pay attention to the overall financial health of your department or the company.

Manage people: As the Office Manager, you may need to recruit, hire, and train staff. Especially in small companies, managers often work as the whole HR team. You would explain your company’s benefits, individual employee’s responsibilities, and even show them where you keep the restroom key. Another important part of managing people is helping everyone work as a team and get along. Do you understand conflict resolution? It helps to keep people happy and working together to meet the business’s goals and objectives.

Create efficiencies: If you’re really amazing, you’ll always look for ways to do your job even better—and help others do theirs well too. That might mean finding a new software tool that cuts down time on tedious tasks. Or maybe you’ll develop a way to serve customers more effectively. The great thing about becoming more efficient is that when you do, you’ll have more time to make your company even better.

Follow sound business procedures: You need to understand basics business principles. You also need to know the ins-and-outs of what your company does and why they do it. When you combine really sound business practices with a good company product or service, it’s a winning formula. Keep accurate bookkeeping and accounting, abide by laws and regulations, and conduct yourself in an ethical manner. It’s good for your company—and for you!

Maintain inventory: What happens when that proposal absolutely has to get out and you run out of printer ink? It could be a small catastrophe! As an Office Manager, you’ll take inventory and reorder supplies, as needed. You may also need to comparison shop and choose vendors that offer the best quality products at the most affordable prices.

Prepare reports: Remember those systems and files? They spit out lots of data and information, and it could be your job to present it all to your boss –but in a way that showcases the most important components. Maybe he just needs to know how many items were sold in a given week. Or maybe he’s asking about salaries and raises. You’ve got the info at the tip of your finger and can give it to him in a minute—if you’re an awesome Office Manager

Charter College offers a variety of programs that can help you become an effective Office Manager. Want to learn more? Check out all our Business Programs here.