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What Makes a Great Online Teacher?

Published: March 6, 2017

Are you thinking about enrolling in an online program or course? The content is really important. But so is the person who’s teaching! Find out what makes a great online teacher. Will yours measure up?

Content Knowledge: Someone who is going to train you in your new career needs to know all the ins and outs of the profession. They need hands-on experience—the more the better. It’s good if they can teach you principles and theories, but it’s great when they can give real world examples from their own careers.

Technical Aptitude: Whether your online instructor is teaching Information Technology or Business, they need to be good with computers. More importantly, they need to know all about the online tools that your program requires. After all, if they haven’t mastered the platforms and portals from which they teach, how can they possibly help you succeed in your program?

Enthusiasm: Have you ever met someone who really loves their job? Even if they’re not teachers, they probably can’t wait to share what they do with you. That kind of passion for the profession is a great trait for a great teacher. They don’t just want to share what they know. They also want to find people who will be good candidates for a career they love. And they want to help those new professionals succeed!

Accessibility: Just because your program is online doesn’t mean you only deal with computers. A good online instructor will make themselves available to answer your questions and offer guidance and assistance. Whether it’s through your course portal or email, they’re there to help. They’ll also be a facilitator who brings together you and your coursemates through online discussions and group projects. 

Patience: Your learning style will probably be different from other people in the course. It may even be different from your instructor. But no matter how you learn, a good teacher will find a way to patiently show you the way. Whether you’re having trouble with course content, or just an issue with your technology, a great teacher will calmly help you overcome the obstacles in your way.

Compassion: Why do people forget that online courses are run and taken by actual people? A good online teacher will remember that your program is not the only thing happening in your life. They’ll insist you meet your deadlines and get your work done, but they’ll acknowledge if you stumble and help you get back on track. They’re people who work with machines, not machines themselves!

If you want to meet some great online teachers, check out all the online programs at Charter College. We have programs in Business, Healthcare, Information Technology, and some Trades. Request info to find out more now.