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What Can You Really Learn in an Online Business Program?

Published: September 4, 2018

As you consider whether to enroll in a business program, you may wonder if you can really learn what you need to start your career through an online program. There are several benefits to an online program, and when it comes to business, an online program can help you prepare for a world where more and more of what happens in a company occurs online.

So what can you really learn in an online business program?


Business Fundamentals

The curriculum of an online business program will generally be the same as one that’s taught in an actual classroom. You’ll learn about key business topics like project management, entrepreneurship, and international business. In addition, you’ll learn important soft skills. And because businesses run online and you’re learning online, you’ll get soft skills that fit with how people work today, often online and remotely.  


Better Communication Skills

You have probably experienced how a text message or email can be taken the wrong way if the person who wrote it wasn’t careful. To be a good written communicator in business, it’s important that you consider whether what you wrote clearly says what you intended it to. Online business classes can help you hone these relevant communication skills since you will interact with your teachers and classmates through comments, questions and discussions in writing rather than face-to-face.


Time Management

With online courses, a lot of your schedule is in your own hands. You will still have project, test and assignment deadlines to meet, but in an online course, you will have more freedom to decide when you do the work. And the more you work on your own, the more you’ll gain independent work experience that will help you build leadership skills. With a career in business, it will be important for you to manage your time wisely and you may even have to handle other people’s schedules. You can get good practice with schedule and time management as you learn what it takes to do the necessary work when a teacher isn’t making all the decisions for you.


Virtual Business Interactions

You might have the opportunity to occasionally work from home in your job. Online business classes can be a great way to prepare for this experience as you learn how to collaborate with others even if you don’t see them in person. You can get practice by completing group projects and other assignments with classmates online and participating in online discussions. This can set you up to successfully do the same at your job.


Independent Work

You will have access to your classmates and instructor through online courses when you need help, but you will mostly work on your own. When you take online classes, you need to be self-motivated to get the work done on time and learn what it takes to make yourself focus. Just as it’s important to be able to work with others in business, it’s important to work independently too. Your future boss will appreciate when you take the initiative to get work done on your own and don’t need to be told to do it or rely on others to get it done.

Do you want to learn the skills that it takes to succeed in business in the 21st century? Contact Charter College today to learn about the range of online business programs we offer and find one that’s right for you.