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What Can You Do with a Computer Aided Design (CAD) Certificate?

Published: February 20, 2020

Before the rise of the digital age, engineers and product designers had to draw out their ideas by hand. Rough sketches do not always translate ideas well, so the next step was to create a physical model. If the material needed to be changed, or the dimensions were off, it had to be redone. This took a lot of time, effort, and energy. Thanks to the advancement of technology, there’s a better tool to assist designers—computer aided design.

What Is Computer Aided Design (CAD)?

As the name suggests, computer-aided design, which is also known as CAD, allows users to design and modify 2D drawings or 3D models through computer software. CAD offers modern architects, engineers, and designers many advantages:

  • Efficiency — Instead of developing a physical model, which takes more time, you can create a digital model that takes the same design parameters into account.
  • Productivity — Because work can be produced much more quickly with CAD, higher-quality products can be created at a cheaper cost.
  • Easy Modification — Need to switch the material of a product or optimize a certain part? It’s much easier and quicker to modify the design with a few mouse clicks than to recreate an entire physical model.
  • Collaboration — CAD designs can be saved and shared and stored in the cloud, so it’s easy to collaborate on a design with different members of your team.

What Industries Use CAD?

CAD software is widely used by engineers, particularly mechanical and aerospace engineers, civil and marine engineers, and electrical engineers. Architects and interior designers also use CAD to envision what a building or room could look like. Similarly, landscapers and urban planners use CAD to design outdoor spaces or reimagine sections of a city. Game designers, filmmakers and animators also use CAD to imagine characters and scenes.

What Jobs Could I Get with a CAD Certificate?

If you have a CAD certificate, you could become a CAD designer, drafter or technician, which all essentially perform the same duties, which include:

  • Prepare construction documents, diagrams, illustrations, and 3d models
  • Determine the materials to be used and the process for construction or assembly
  • Prepare technical reports and contracts
  • Project costs for materials

CAD professionals really do work across industries, and people with a certificate in CAD have a better job outlook than those who don’t.


If you’re interested in pursuing a career in this dynamic and versatile field, take your first step with Charter College. We now offer a Certificate in Computer Aided Design program that will teach you the basic design techniques and principles of CAD, how to create visually appealing documents and presentations, and the critical thinking and problem-solving skills necessary for a career in CAD. For more information, call 888-200-9942 or fill out the form now.