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What Are The 10 Traits You Need to Succeed in Business?

A business degree can set you on a career path with a wide range of opportunities. You might become a manager or even start your own business. To really be successful in business, you would be wise to hone these 10 traits.

Ambitious – Don’t be satisfied with staying where you are. If you are motivated to take on new responsibilities, find better ways to accomplish tasks, and work harder than others, you could rise through the ranks. Ambition means you have a goal and don’t mind putting in the hard work to reach it.

Competitive – You can’t start at the top. Instead, you’ll need to work your way up by being better than the next guy. Do your job well and put in extra time and effort, and you can beat out the competition and move up the rungs of your industry’s ladder. Where do you want to go?

Leader – Whether you help co-workers, step up to handle new initiatives or take on a management role, it’s never too early to start thinking like a leader! Anything you do to demonstrate your ability to lead will let others know you’re ready for the next opportunity when it arises.

Self-confident –Before you can succeed in business, you have to believe you can. Build your skills and knowledge, get lots of experience, and then have confidence in your own abilities. Trust in your own expertise and be confident to go after your goals.

Good communicator – Good business leaders can clearly give direction and explain their thoughts behind decisions and issues. You’re more likely to get your team to rally around you if you can effectively communicate with them.

Self-starter – To stand out among your co-workers, take initiative! Look around and think about what you could do that would go above and beyond, and help your company’s success. And don’t worry if it’s not in your “job description.” Look to the job you want and start proving you’re qualified now.

Reliable – Always follow through on what you say you’ll do. Never miss a deadline. Accept responsibility and take ownership. When managers know they can consistently depend on you, they’re more likely to give you that big project or promotion.

Open-minded – Keep an open mind to new ideas. Don’t just depend on the same old method to get things done. The best leaders know how to find innovative and creative ways to solve problems and meet business goals.

Lifelong learner – That business degree should not be the end of your education! To continue to grow and stay on top of your industry, it’s important to keep an eye on new trends and changes within it. Read, take courses, and always be on the lookout for the next big idea.

Reinvent yourself – All that continued learning might lead you to change your direction or area of expertise — and that’s OK! You want to be successful in business, not left behind, so it’s important that you reinvent yourself in whatever way feels necessary and good to you to get where you want to be in business.

If you’re ready to build on these traits with strong skills and knowledge to help you make your mark in the business world, check out Charter College’s Business programs today.