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Use These 5 Helpful Money Saving Tips for Winter

Published: September 14, 2015 | Updated: November 10, 2020

Unless you’re lucky enough to live in the Tropics, you’ve probably noticed that winter is a pretty expensive season. You have to pay to heat your home, and the days are shorter which means that your lights are on longer. You also need more clothes, just to stay warm. And since most of those off-season fruits and vegetables aren’t grown here, they cost more!

So how do you get through the winter without getting in debt? Follow these 5 tips and start preparing now:

Seal yourself in: Not literally! But you will want to seal your home. Check around your doors, windows, and pipes. If a draft comes in, heat can get out. Install door sweeps and use weather stripping and extra caulking wherever heat could escape. For really drafty windows, consider plastic insulator kits. You can install them in no time and create a shrink wrap seal with a regular hairdryer.

Lower the temperature: Or better yet, don’t even put the heat on until you absolutely need to. Wear layers even indoors to stay warm without upping the thermostat. Install a timer to heat your home only when you’re in it and lower the temperature at bedtime. If you have a room without plumbing, consider shutting it off—and its heat—from the rest of the house. But be careful, you don’t want you or your pipes to freeze.

Buy seasonal produce: Buying local, seasonal fruits and vegetables is a good idea all year long, but it’s especially true in the winter. So, instead of buying watermelon when it’s clearly not in season, choose cool season crops that are affordable and still in your grocer’s produce section throughout the winter. If you have a garden or frequent a farm stand, make sure to grab some of that last harvest for your freezer.

Eat in: Cooking meals at home will save you money and give you leftovers for tomorrow’s lunch. Plan a week’s worth of meals so you’re tempted by your own cooking instead of a fast food joint that doesn’t offer the same taste or nutrition. As an added bonus, when you cook at home, the heat from your oven dissipates into the air and takes off that winter chill.

Prepare your car: Get your vehicle in tip-top shape for the winter. You don’t want to find yourself stranded and calling for an expensive tow on the side of the road. You also don’t want costly repairs you can easily avoid with maintenance. So make certain your battery, filters and fluids are all checked before the start of the season. You’ll also want to check your tire pressure frequently during the winter to make certain they’re properly inflated for safety and fuel efficiency.

The more money you can save, the more you’ll have to spend on things that really matter. Like your education! Check out Charter College’s career-focused programs in business, health care, information technology, veterinary assistance, and the trades. If you’re ready to change your life, start here.