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5 Types of Hospital Jobs You Might Want to Explore

Published: July 14, 2021

If you think you have to be a doctor or a nurse to work for a hospital, think again. There are plenty of hospital jobs that don’t require you to spend years in medical school or even have direct patient care. Health Care is a huge, multi-trillion-dollar industry with lots of jobs and lots of opportunities. If you’re looking for a way in—without treating patients—check out the jobs of the health unit coordinator, medical office administrative assistant, medical records specialist, medical billing specialist, or assistant health services manager.

1. Health Unit Coordinator

Behind every hospital department or unit is a person who keeps it all running: the health unit coordinator. This position is communications central! If you worked as a health unit coordinator, you would be a liaison between doctors and nurses and all the other staff from all the other departments. You’d also connect with vendors, health insurance companies—and yes, patients. You’ll know where everyone is and you’ll answer phone calls and emails, and send and receive faxes. You’ll also work with health records and ensure that they’re kept confidential.

2. Medical Office Administrative Assistant

When you walk into your doctor’s office, the first person you probably see is a medical office administrative assistant. If you like the idea of office work, but want to work in health care, this might be a good fit for you. In this position, you would greet patients when they come in and help them fill out the necessary paperwork. You’d answer the phone and respond to emails, and you’d help patients schedule appointments. You’d also compile patient information for their medical record and help process insurance payments. When office supplies are low, you’d order more and ensure that vendors are paid for what they provide.

3. Medical Records Specialist

Medical records are an essential component to the modern healthcare system. They include the patient’s entire medical history, including what doctors they’ve seen, what their diagnoses may have been, and what treatments and medications they’ve received. As a medical records specialist, you’d be responsible for maintaining those records. You’d ensure the records are accurate and up-to-date. Since medical records are electronic now, you’d need to know specific software to keep and compile the files. You’d also consult industry manuals to assign the proper codes for billing.

4. Medical Billing Specialist

Once the medical records are properly coded, the billing specialist can use those codes to determine what services should be paid for. If you like office work and have good attention to detail, then you may be interested in a career in medical billing. You’d work with patients, providers, and insurance companies to create and process claims. You’ll need to make sure the claims are error free, and you’ll have to troubleshoot any issues that may arise with a claim. You’ll also accept and process payments from patients.

5. Assistant Health Services Manager

Health care administration is what keeps everything running from the top. Whether it’s a private physician’s office, a team of doctors, a department, or a whole hospital, proper administration ensures quality patient care. If you worked in administration, you would be part of a team that hired, trained, and evaluated the staff. You might help keep records, work with accounting, prepare reports, and work on budgeting items. And you might help improve the systems that deliver care.


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