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Top 5 Productivity Tips

Published: March 16, 2015 | Updated: February 20, 2018

Every busy student should know how to stay organized and get things done efficiently. Being productive can also help you be successful in your career. Here are the top 5 productivity tips you should be doing:

1. Make a Schedule
A daily routine will help you stay on track to meet deadlines. Plan out each day to ensure that you use your time well. Know your strengths and the best time to complete schoolwork, go grocery shopping, or workout. Use sticky notes to remind yourself.

2. Create To-Do Lists
Make daily and weekly lists of everything you need to get done. To-do lists will keep you organized, help you prioritize, and ensure that nothing gets forgotten. Try accomplishing the easy tasks first then tackle the harder or more time consuming ones.

3. Disconnect
In order to fully concentrate, eliminate anything that might distract you. Turn off the TV and put your phone in another room. Focus on one thing at a time. Multitasking splits your efforts and often doesn’t produce the same quality result. Stopping to check your phone or read an email can prevent you from getting in the zone.

4. Ask for Help
It’s always rewarding to solve a problem on your own, but don’t waste a lot of time on something you don’t understand. Before you get frustrated, ask a classmate or your instructor for help. Find a tutor who can help you study for an exam or complete a challenging assignment.

5. Take Breaks.
Frequent breaks can actually help your productivity and creativity. Schedule breaks when you’ll check your phone, eat a snack, or take a quick walk. Movement throughout your day is important for your mind and body. When you return to work, your mind will be refreshed.

Being productive helps you in your life as a student and as a working professional. Charter College will give you the tools you need to be successful in school and in your career. We offer tutoring and on-campus resource centers to help you stay on track. We help our graduates plan for their career with résumé workshops, interview practice, and job fairs.