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These are the Top 10 Skills You Need in Business

Published: February 1, 2017 | Updated: January 14, 2019

Whether you want to be part of a successful company or run your own someday, you need talent, drive, and a set of skills that will set you apart. Here are the top 10 skills you need to be successful in business:

1.       Communication: You may have great ideas, but do you know how to get them across to others? The ability to communicate effectively, through the written and spoken word,  is critical. In fact, it continually ranks among the most important skills employers look for in their new hires.1

2.       Critical thinking: Do you read articles and blog posts and accept them at face value? Or do you dig a bit more deeply? The ability to get at the truth of a situation is an amazing quality to have in business. Critical thinking helps you analyze data, situations, and even people, and determine the most logic-based answers to challenges and problems.

3.       Problem-solving: Speaking of problems, you may encounter plenty of them in your business career. It’s your ability to come up with creative and well-reasoned solutions that will set you apart from your peers. If you like puzzles and don’t give up easily, you could become a valuable member of any business team.

4.       Proactive: The best companies have the best employees and those good employees don’t just wait for assignments; they figure out what needs to be done and get it done! Does this sound like you? If you’re self-directed and proactive, you’re able to identify projects, prioritize, set tasks, and accomplish them, on deadline.

5.       Teamwork: Even if you’re proactive and great at working independently, every business relies on their employees being able to work well together. Think to times you’ve been on a team or a committee. Were you a leader, or the person that performed key duties and tasks? Either is important to success.

6.       Responsible: If you’re the kind of person on whom others depend, carry that over to your workplace. The more responsibility you’re willing to accept, the more others will come to realize how able, qualified, and dependable you are.

7.       Focused: Major obstacles to workplace productivity today are all the distractions that take employees’ attention away from their jobs.2 If you can stay focused in spite of what’s happening in your office, on your computer, or even in your home life, you’ll be more productive and a more valuable asset to your organization.

8.       Detail-oriented: Mistakes can cost businesses big time! Fine attention to detail means you catch errors before they can cause problems or impact your company’s bottom line. It makes you—and your company—looked polished and professional.

9.       Ambitious: It’s okay to want more. In fact, it shows your employer that you have goals and desires and a plan to reach them. Healthy competition in the workplace helps individuals and companies succeed. And if your goals and ambitions match the company’s, everybody wins!

10.   Business Know-how: You need a basic understanding of business principles and concepts. If you want to run a business or just to be involved in business operations, you need to know how they run. Concepts about financial planning, accounts receivable/payable, and payroll are really important. But so are project management and strategic planning. There's a lot to learn. Are you ready?

If you want that business know-how, check out the Business Programs at Charter College. We can help you whether you’re just starting out, or ready to accept the leadership role. Request information to learn more now.