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The Technology You'll Need for Your Online Program

Published: April 3, 2017

Have you heard that online programs can help you develop skills to advance your career? If you’re interested in an online program, here’s the technology you’ll need to have:


A good computer: You want to learn in a modern way so you need to have modern technology. You’ll need a good computer and a program compatible web browser. Most online courses require computers with Intel Pentium 4 Processors (the brains of the system) because those processors are super-fast. You’ll also need enough available storage space (1GB RAM) and a sound card and computer speakers so you can listen to audio presentations.


Reliable internet: If your internet connection at home is spotty, you’ll need to find a dependable place to get access. Libraries, community centers, and coffee shops are good options. Just remember that their hours may not correspond with due dates and times. Be sure to plan ahead.


Appropriate software: Business programs teach you all about how to become proficient in the software most businesses use. That means you need to have it! Programs like Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint are standard. But you may also need to work in QuickBooks or other accounting programs. The key to mastering computer software and applications is practice, practice, practice.


An active email: You can’t succeed in an online program unless you can communicate well with your instructors and coursemates. A functioning email is step one. But you’ll also need to regularly access the portal used for the course; so you’ll need to understand how to use that technology. Some instructors might also ask to communicate with you via phone and text. Be onboard to use whatever technology will help you succeed.


Backup storage: You can back up your coursework to an external hard drive, flash drive, or cloud server. You can even email assignments to yourself. But make sure you have a plan in place so you don’t lose all your hard work. Online courses still have due dates and deadlines and technology issues are no excuse!


At Charter College, we have a variety of online programs, with on-campus support. Our technical experts will also help you make sure your equipment and software is exactly what you need. There’s even 24 hour support available through our eLearning portal. If you'd like to learn more, give us a call at 1-888-200-9942.