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Student Life
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Single mom of five tackles college as path to new life.

Published: February 25, 2014
Genevieve has only two modules left in the Diploma in Legal Assistant program and looks forward to starting her new career. Before Charter College, she was a single mom taking care of six young children. As a student, she is experiencing the challenge of balancing school and being a mom. Genevieve was interviewed by Charter Success at the Lancaster Campus.
Charter Success (CS):  What did you do before Charter College and why did you come back to school?
Genevieve:   After high school, I got married and had five kids ages 6,5,5,4 and 2. I then went through a divorce and decided that I couldn’t just have a job but I needed a career.  I now take care of the kids by myself. My cousin was a student at Charter College and she suggested that I go.
CS:  Why did you choose a career as a legal assistant?
Genevieve:  I like the law. With the knowledge and education I’m getting, I can commute and get a job anywhere and have a career.
CS: How is your education at Charter College going so far?
Genevieve:  It was kind of a struggle at first. My kids got sick and I missed several days of school. I had to make arrangements so that I could be here every day. I love my teachers and my classmates.
CS:  What is motivating you to work hard and complete the program?
Genevieve:  I hadn’t been in school since 2006 and it was scary.  I was nervous and thinking that I couldn’t do any of it. When I reached a point of quitting, one of my children made a comment about us someday buying a big house and it would remind me that I needed to go to school. My goal is to buy them their own home. My children are motivating me to keep going.  
CS: With school and taking care of five kids, what do you do for fun to relieve stress?
Genevieve:  When I feel overly stressed and need a little me time, I like to go dancing. I don’t go to drink but just to dance. It helps me to forget about everything and then I come home and cuddle with my babies.  I also love to watch movies with my kids.  While watching the movie, they will all lay on top of me and, because there are so many of them, you can’t see me.
Cs: What are your plans for after you complete the program?
Genevieve:   My plan is to work in a legal firm. I’m also thinking about continuing my education and getting an associate degree. It’s hard not being able to be with my kids all the time but I need to support and take care of them because nobody else is supporting me.
CS:  Do you have any advice for new students who might have a similar situation of raising children while going to school?
Genevieve:    Don’t stop and don’t give up. You’ll do something that a lot of people can’t do. I’ve seen people start and not finish the program. Don’t stop. I came close to stopping but now it’s paying off and I’m graduating soon.