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  • Deciding to take the job:Pros and Cons
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Should You Say Yes to the Job or the Company?

Published: June 4, 2018

So you landed a job at a company that you aren’t thrilled about. Or maybe you got offered a job that is less than ideal but the company is your dream employer. What do you do when the perfect company and perfect job don’t match up? The decision will probably require some serious thought.

Here’s what to consider as you decide whether to say yes to the job or the company:

What Are Your Long-Term Goals?

If you have the chance to work at a company that you’re excited about but the job isn’t exactly what you want, imagine the possibilities ahead. Could you work the job for a while to get your foot in the door and keep an eye out for more ideal positions within the company?

Alternatively, if the job seems ideal but the industry or company are not, could you stay at it to get experience that you could transfer to another company later? Consider whether or not you can stay motivated to turn a less-than-ideal situation into a positive opportunity.

Or maybe, since you are interested in the position itself, you could try it long enough to learn whether you really want to move on to a different organization. You might be surprised to find that the company is more interesting than you thought. And you might make great career connections too! At a minimum, you’ll have more experience to help you land your next position at a place you’re more excited about.

What’s Most Important to You?

Realistically, there will be pros and cons to every job. You need to think about what’s most important to you when you accept a position, and there are several things to consider, such as:

  • Location
  • Commute time or access to public transportation
  • Schedule
  • Benefits
  • Having a job in the industry you went to school for
  • Job security
  • Company culture

Think about these aspects of the company and offer, and they may help you decide whether or not to take the job.

Do You Really Know Enough About the Job or Company?

If you’re on the fence about either, dig deeper. Look for parts of the job that you might like more than the responsibilities you already know about. There is a good chance that there’s more to the job than what you learned from the initial job posting or even an interview.

You can also show the hiring manager that you are interested in more than what the position offers and see what other opportunities may be available to you within your job or in addition to it. It can be good to show initiative and think beyond the basics of the role from the start.

When it comes to the company, how much research have you done on it? Maybe you aren’t sure if the company culture is one you’re comfortable with, but then you find that it has earned recognition for treating its employees really well. Or maybe it’s a medical office that practices an area of healthcare that you don’t think you’re interested in, but you learn that it has plans to expand to offer industry-leading technology.

What Are Your Other Options?

Keeping in mind that every job offer will have its upsides and downsides, how does this one compare to what else you could do right now? Even if the job or company isn’t perfect, it’s exciting to land a job in your desired field after you finish your career training. After all, you want to put your new skills and education to use.

Consider whether you have any other immediate prospects in your field. If not, and you need a job, this one might be the one. Or maybe you already have a job that pays the bills and are able to hold out for a better fit. Do your best to think about the future with any job you consider while you make the best decision for your life now.

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