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Should I Enroll in an Online Program This Summer?

Published: May 4, 2020

Everyone has gone online. It’s our new normal. But if you’ve had enough on your plate all spring, the idea of attending class online may not have been on your radar. What about this summer, though?

Here are 4 signs it might be time for you to enroll in an online program this summer.

1. You Are Ready for a Change in Your Career or Position

If you haven’t already heard, there are careers that are considered “essential.” That means that when other people recently lost their jobs or were furloughed, some people continued to work. Careers in healthcare are among the top essential jobs. But that doesn’t mean you need to be a doctor or nurse. Medical Office Administrative Assistants help keep medical offices running smoothly—and you can train for the career online. And there are lots of other careers you can train for online, including those in Business or IT. Isn’t it time to get out of that dead-end job and into an actual career you could be proud of?

2. You Want to Learn from Home

Now that we’ve all had a taste of living remotely, online learning isn’t scary at all. There are plenty of benefits to online programs. They offer you convenience and flexibility. You can learn how and when it fits to your schedule. Yes, you’ll still have due dates, but there’s no commute and you can attend your virtual classes from wherever you are as long as you have an internet connection. That means in the summer, you don’t have to give up travel plans. Bring your program with you!

3. You Need a Program That Fits Your Summer Schedule

For a lot of people, summertime means a change in schedules. Maybe your work hours are different, or more of your days are filled with taking care of your kids. The flexibility that online programs offer means that you can study when it fits your schedule, no matter when that is. If it works best for you to study while your kids are swimming at a neighbor’s or napping, or early in the morning before everyone else wakes up, go for it!

4.You Want to Make the Most of Summer

We hear so much about how fall or the New Year is a great time to start fresh. But the reality is that you can make a change for the better whenever you’re ready to commit. Sure, summer is the time for relaxing fun like baseball, barbecues with friends, and lounging by the pool. But, don’t the days feel longer? Aren’t you just a little bit more motivated to wake up early and stay up late? Make the most of it and use the extra time to advance your education. You’ll feel proud of yourself for being productive and even get a jump on everyone else because they waited until the fall to start to work toward their goals.


If this sounds like you, consider enrolling in an online program this summer at Charter College. We have online programs in Business, Health Care, Information Technology, and more. Fill out the form to request info now.