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Online Obstacles: What’s Standing in the Way of Your Success?

Published: February 1, 2016 | Updated: November 10, 2020

You know that education could be the answer to your bright future, but you have a busy life. Even online courses seem like they might be difficult to tackle. On the other hand, if you can identify the obstacles to your success before you begin, maybe you’ll finally make it through and get the education you deserve.

Here are a few bumps in the road that might block your way and how you can overcome them:

Technical knowledge: Don’t fear technology; embrace it! Today’s online courses use formats and forums that are easier than ever to navigate. They’re user friendly and often come with IT support that you can access online or on campus. All you need is your computer, course appropriate software and a reliable internet connection and you’ll be on your way to online success.

Commitment: Whether you’re taking courses on campus or online, you need to prepare yourself for a full-out commitment to success. Make certain that you have the right technology and plans for what to do if that technology fails –like easy trips to your local library, campus or coffee shop. Tell the important people in your life that you’re attending college online and that you need time and space to do so. Accept their help and support.

Organization: You have lots of potential to do great things but sometimes get tripped up because you’re just a bit disorganized. To succeed in your online courses, you’ll need to create a schedule and stick to it. Use the course syllabus and assignments as your guideline and enter all your work into your personal calendar. Check your online portal every day and choose a consistent time and place to study, do homework and take quizzes and tests. 

Communication: If you’re shy or have trouble speaking up in a classroom full of students, online courses could be perfect for you! But that doesn’t mean you totally get out of communicating. In some ways you’ll need to communicate even more. Reach out to your instructor early-on and introduce yourself. Participate actively in group discussions. And be certain to use all the course and college resources available to you.

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