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New Beginnings: How to Decide If It's Time For a New Career

Published: March 20, 2017 | Updated: November 10, 2020

Spring is in the air. Can’t you just feel it? New buds and blooms are popping. There are new beginnings all around you. Is it time for your new beginning? Find out how to decide if it’s time for a new career by answering these 7 questions:

Do you still—or did you ever—love what you do? Whatever your job, you probably spend a lot of time doing it. That means you shouldn’t hate it. In fact, you should really, really like it. It should give you pride, satisfaction, and fulfillment. Does it?

How’s your boss? Did you know that half of people who quit their jobs do so because of their boss? They either don’t like them outright or feel like their supervisors are holding them back in some way. So they head out to find better opportunities. If you can’t see eye-to-eye with your boss, it may be time to make a move.

And what about those coworkers? In the best work environments, your coworkers really are like family. You share much more than just work. You share their lives. That doesn’t mean that everyone you work with should be your best buddy. On the other hand, if you find that you can’t get along with anyone or feel like you don’t fit in, maybe you don’t. Where will you find a perfect fit?

Are you still learning? When you first started at your job, you probably learned a lot of new things and had responsibilities that you found challenging and rewarding. While you may be more comfortable with it all now, it’s important not to be too comfortable. When you stop learning, you stop growing—and you can get bored.

Are you appreciated? A good manager makes sure you know that what you do is valued by them. But your company can also show appreciation by how you’re compensated or little perks of the job. Even your coworkers can make you feel important. If your answer is a resounding no to all, it’s time to move on.

Are you doing your best work? There could be many reasons why you’re not bringing your A game to work every day. You may have trouble at home or feel so underappreciated at work that you think good work won’t get noticed or recognized. Whatever its cause, if you don’t find it and fix it, it may not be your choice when it comes time to leave.

Are you stressed? Peak sales times and occasional hurried deadlines are cause for a bit of anxiety. But if you constantly feel overwhelmed and stressed out, that’s bad for you and your work. It’s also unhealthy. And more than a good reason to find a new job.

If you’re ready to ditch that old job for a new career, check out all that Charter College has to offer. We have career-focused programs in Business, Health Care, Information Technology, Veterinary Assistant, and some Trades. What are you waiting for?