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Need Help Finding a Part-Time Job for the Holiday Season?

Published: November 2, 2020

The holidays can be festive and fun, but they can also strain your finances. And while you definitely should find ways to save money during the holiday season, you may also want to earn a little bit so you’ll have money to spend on what you really want. A part-time job may be just the answer. Lots of retailers are opening back up and finding themselves short-staffed. Are you ready to pitch in and earn? 

Here are some part-time jobs you might want to consider:

Delivery  Worker  

Have you noticed that your neighbors seem to get packages every day? That’s because during the pandemic, we all started buying more and more online. Delivery workers are always in high demand during the holiday season, but they’re needed more than ever now. Seasonal positions are often available with shipping companies like FedEx, UPS, and Amazon. If you have a valid driver’s license, like to be on the move, and don’t mind the hustle of the season, you can be a delivery driver. Some companies even allow you to use your own vehicle. To qualify, you will need to pass a background check and have a clean driving record.  But if driving doesn’t suit you, some of these same shipping companies have positions available in their warehouses.  As a warehouse worker, you will help fulfill customer orders, sort packages, and load trucks. 

Food Deliverer

It’s a different kind of delivery but it’s all the rage with people ordering takeout in record numbers. Individual restaurants and chains that offer delivery service may need you. The next time you do your own pick up, just ask if they’re hiring. There are also downloadable apps like Uber Eats and Door Dash that need drivers to serve their customers.  

Food Server 

Speaking of food, even with social distancing, people are still eating out. Some also host small parties and hire caterers and their staff. If you already have food service experience, you could be a natural fit as a food server or caterer’s helper. Reach out to local restaurants or catering companies that might need an extra hand passing hors d'oeuvres or serving dinner. If you don’t have experience, find out whether restaurants or event spaces need help with valet services, coat checking, or even greeting guests. Just remember, you’ll need to follow strict protocols about masking up and cleaning up.


During this hectic time of year, there are errands to run, people to visit. And busy moms and dads don’t always want the kiddos in tow. If you have babysitting experience or children of your own, caring for children can be a great way to earn some extra cash. There are websites that post local babysitting jobs such as Care.com or you can network with area moms or babysitting groups on Facebook. Or, just reach out to your friends to let them know you are available. Even if you don’t make money, you might be able to swap babysitting services to save money.  Win-win. 

Pet Sitter 

If you’re more comfortable with four-legged friends than children, you might be able to find work as a pet sitter. Even today, many people will still travel for the holidays and they often can’t take their pets along. These positions might require you to stay at a person’s house, or they might ask you to take their pet into your own home. But if you live close by, you might even be able to take on feeding duties—especially for cats—without too much of a commitment.  Similar to babysitting, there are websites like Rover.com devoted to helping people find trustworthy sitters for their pets. 

Seasonal Décor Seller 

Have you ever noticed the number of  Christmas tree stands that pop up during the holidays? All those places need extra hands. At a  Christmas tree farm or stand, you could help as a cashier, a tree cutter, or just general customer service. Can you lift a tree and tie it to someone’s car? You’ll get paid for your efforts and might even get an occasional tip. 


Probably the go-to holiday job is in retail. Look early and find a store you also like to shop at. Because retail jobs can be hectic,  it’ll be more enjoyable if you work at a store that aligns with your interests. If you’re into electronics,  check out a big box store. Or if you’re into fashion,  head to your favorite clothing store.  You’ll earn money when you need it most and have the added advantage of an employee discount.  And who knows? You may decide to stay on after the holidays so whenever they need more help, you can get extra hours and money. 

Don’t let your finances be a source of stress during the holiday season. At  Charter College, we know it can be difficult to stick to a budget  but we have lots of  tips on how to earn and save, now and all year. Here’s to  a happy,  healthy, and safe  holiday season.