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As Long As There Is Technology, We'll Need IT Professionals

Published: July 24, 2017

Unless you’re hanging on a deserted island, it’s virtually impossible to get through the day without interacting with technology in some way. From that cellphone in your hand to the computers at your work—and everywhere in-between—technology is a ubiquitous part of modern life. So it makes sense that there continues to be a demand for well-trained IT professionals.

Some IT history

It’s hard to believe that Information Technology looked much different just a few years ago. Once upon a time, computers weren’t much more than giant calculators concentrated on processing numbers and transaction-based activities for big companies. In the 1980s, the Personal Computer brought technology to small offices and homes. But the real IT revolution occurred when the internet allowed millions—and now billions—of people to connect. Add cloud technologies, and the way data are created, consumed, shared, and stored has never been more widespread.


But with all that data all over the internet and the world, the challenges we face are daunting. It seems every month there’s news of a new attack that affects computers and businesses across the globe. That’s why trained IT professionals are invaluable for such tasks as:

·         Setting up and installing servers

·         Connecting systems and hardware

·         Configuring local, network, and security policies and permissions

·         Managing and protecting data

·         Troubleshooting networks, hardware, and software

·         Guarding against cyberattacks

IT Careers

If you’ve ever considered an IT career, first ask yourself if you have the right traits. Are you:

·         Curious

·         Hardworking

·         Analytical

·         Patient

·         Multitasking

·         Thorough

And do you have a desire to keep on learning? Technology changes all the time; you have to be willing to keep up. Can you?

With the right IT career training, you could get your foot in the door to a long-term career that grows as you do. Here are just a few opportunities that might be available to you:

·         Computer Technician

·         Computer Network Support Specialist

·         Computer User Support Specialist

·         Information Security Analyst

·         Computer Network Support Specialist

·         Computer Network Architect

·         and more!

If you’re interested in learning how you could train for a career in the multi-trillion dollar IT industry,1 contact Charter College today. We have certificate and diploma programs that you can attend online. What are you waiting for?

1 https://www.comptia.org/resources/it-industry-trends-analysis-2017