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6 Leadership Skills Administrative Assistants Need

Published: November 19, 2014 | Updated: January 23, 2020

Do you want a versatile career that involves a wide range of responsibilities? Administrative assistants wear many hats in the office, and leadership is one of them. Just because you’re not a manager doesn’t mean you can’t be a leader, too. Administrative assistants have a unique and important role in the everyday operation of a company. As an administrative assistant, others will look to you for support. To be successful in an administrative assistant role, you’ll need several leadership skills.

1. Organization: Administrative Assistants Stay Organized

Strong organizational skills are key to juggling the many projects that an administrative assistant is responsible for. An organized workspace helps you accomplish daily tasks and meet deadlines. As an administrative assistant, you could oversee planning, scheduling, and logistics for meetings and events. If you’re organized, you’ll be able to handle all the little details.

2. Communication: Administrative Assistants Communicate their Ideas

As an administrative assistant, you should have strong verbal and written communication skills. You want to be sure that your ideas, and often the ideas of your supervisors, are communicated in a clear and precise way. Email correspondence is an essential part of everyday life in an office. It’s important to keep those lines of communication open to avoid confusion.

3. Confidence: Administraive Assistants are Confident in their Skills

If you’re confident, then other people will have confidence in following your lead. Be calm during stressful situations and other people might do the same. Have confidence in your own skills as an administrative assistant and show others you’re capable of taking on certain responsibilities.

4. Positivity: It's Important for Administrative Assistants to Be Positive

Positivity can be contagious! A positive, can-do attitude gives people reassurance amid tight deadlines, heavy workloads, and tough problems. A positive administrative assistant can give others peace of mind.

5. Creativity: Administrative Assistants Creatively Solve Problems

As an administrative assistant, you should always be thinking of new ways to handle situations. Your creativity to solve difficult problems shows others you’re not afraid to tackle anything. Put this creativity to use by taking on new projects of your own.

6. Team Player: Administrative Assistants Must Work Well with Others

Believe it or not, being an office leader also means working well with others to get the job done. A true leader knows when to take charge and when to take a step back. Everyone brings something to the table, so your flexibility to switch roles shows others you are committed to the result.


A combination of these skills could serve as the groundwork for a career in office administration. With these six leadership skills, you’ll reach your goals as an administrative assistant.

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