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Is IT a Good Career Choice Today?

Published: July 20, 2021

Information technology is a vital part of our everyday lives. When you work, text someone, use an app, or surf the web, you engage with technology. But do you ever think about the IT professionals who set up, maintain, protect, and repair the digital systems that keep us all connected? They have rewarding careers that allow them to help others solve problems. They can exercise their expertise, which will be useful for as long as people use technology.

If you want a career that lets you help others, while putting your problem-solving skills to good use, IT might be a great career choice for you.

Growth of the IT Industry 

Once reason why IT may be a good career path is because the industry is growing. IT has expanded rapidly and is expected to do so over the next several years. That means there may be more jobs available as you begin and grow your IT career. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the IT industry is projected to grow much faster than the average over the next decade. 

IT Careers to Explore

What also makes IT a good career choice is the variety of career paths you might follow. There are many different jobs that you could pursue such as:

  • Computer Systems Analyst: In this role, you would install and service computer operating systems. You would update the systems as needed and troubleshoot any issues that arise. You would also review the efficiency of the system to ensure it supports proper workflow, and you’d recommend changes or upgrades as needed.
  • Network Support Specialist: As a network support specialist, you would maintain the networks for your organization. You would ensure their security and only allow access to authorized employees and contractors. You would also run diagnostic tests to find and resolve any issues with the network system, and you’d be responsible for backing up the company’s data.
  • Information Security Analyst: Cybersecurity is an important component of information technology today and the information security analyst’s job is critical. In this role, you would safeguard your company’s data and information against attacks from cybercriminals. You would ensure that information remains encrypted, and you’d monitor the daily reports of your computer system’s security measures. You’d also perform risk assessments, tests, and scans to check for weaknesses in your security protocol.
  • Support Specialist: Sometimes people have problems with their IT or they need answers to questions that only a tech person like you can provide. As a support specialist, you would be the problem solver for other employees in your company. You would troubleshoot issues with the internet, hardware, or software. You would also set up equipment, train others on how to use it, and keep it updated and running smoothly.


Are you ready for a career in IT? Charter College offers a variety of Information Technology programs that can prepare you for entry-level work in the field. Call us today at 888-200-9942 or fill out the form to request more information.