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Important Items You’ll Need for Welding School

Published: November 20, 2020

Welding school will provide you with a skillset that can be used across multiple industries. But when you’re in class, you won’t just take notes with a pencil and a notepad. You’ll need to become familiar with tools and protective equipment so you can learn how to use them the right way. Here are the items you’ll need for welding school.

Clothing for Welding School

  • Jacket and Gloves: To keep safe, you’ll first need to outfit yourself with a few pieces of clothing, such as a welder’s jacket and gloves. Both should be fire resistant since you’ll work closely with a flame. The gloves should also be made of a semi-thick material so they can protect your hands from nicks, cuts, and burns, while also allowing you to feel the tools in your hands.
  • Auto-Darkening Helmet: You’ll need a helmet to protect your face from heat and shield your eyes from the bright white light. But if you’ve ever seen a welder in action, you know they frequently have to flip their hood open and close it when they shift actions. With an auto-darkening helmet, you can still see everything clearly through the eye shield no matter how dim or bright the light is.
  • Steel-Toed Boots: Get a pair of steel-toed boots. They will protect your feet from flying sparks, sharp debris, and falling objects that could break a toe. You may also want to invest in a pair that is non-conductive, which means the boots will protect your feet from electric currents.
  • Welding Cap: A cotton welding cap has many uses. First, it can save your head and neck from flying sparks because it’s fireproof. It can also cushion the helmet you’ll wear for long periods of time. Plus, it will absorb sweat and prevent it from running down your face and blurring your vision.

Tools for Welding School

  • Earplugs: As much as you need to protect your eyes, you’ll also need to protect your ears. The sounds the tools make can get pretty loud, which can take a toll on your hearing over a long period of time. Bring a pair of earplugs with you to every welding class.
  • Welding Clamps: To hold projects in place, you’ll need a variety of welding clamps of different sizes, used for different purposes. Vise grips, C-clamps, F-clamps, and two axis welding clamps, are a few examples of the types of clamps you might need and use.
  • Angle Grinder: A handheld angle grinder can cut and finish metal and help you clean up your welding job. An angle grinder uses metal discs that spin rapidly to cut and polish, so you’ll also need discs in various sizes.
  • Metal File: To remove burrs, finish a product, and help with fine detail, use a metal file. You’ll need to choose the proper abrasive material for the application and the job.
  • Sheet Metal Gauge: When you need to know how thick the metal you’re working on is, you’ll need a sheet metal gauge. This is especially important because you’ll be instructed to use appropriate settings depending on the thickness of the metal.
  • Slag Hammer: When you weld, a byproduct called “slag” is formed. To remove it from the finished product, you’ll need a slag hammer, also known as a chipping hammer. Choose a hammer that’s light enough to work with but still powerful enough to get the job done.

Once you have all of your tools and equipment, don’t forget to get something to carry them in. You could use a backpack, but a toolbox is a better option. You could also use a five-gallon bucket to tote your equipment.


If you’re ready to attend welding school, contact Charter College today. Our instructors will teach you the skills of the trade and provide you with the tools you need to learn including a hooded helmet, jacket, gloves, grinder, files, clamps, and more. Our Certificate in Welding programs in Vancouver and Anchorage can prepare you for an entry-level job in as few as 10 months. Call 888-200-9942 to learn more.