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How You Can Overcome These 5 Online Learning Challenges

Published: October 3, 2016 | Updated: June 8, 2020

Online learning can be flexible and convenient, and they allow you to learn what you need to advance your career or enter a new one. It’s therefore no surprise that online classes are more popular now than ever. That said, there a few challenges of online classes you must overcome to have success.

Go into your online program with your eyes wide open and you’ll get more out of it and be more likely to find success. Here are the top five online learning challenges and how you can overcome them.

Online Learning Relies Heavily on Technology

Let’s face it. If you’re just not comfortable with computers, an online learning format may sound intimidating. But today’s online courses can be super user-friendly. There are online portals and discussion boards that make it easy to participate and upload assignments. You can communicate directly with your instructors and even your course mates. And there’s lots of technical support to assist you if you get stuck.

Online Students Must Be Self-Motivated

Why do you want to take an online program? When you have a really good reason to do something, you’re more likely to do it well. To be a good fit for online classes, you must be self-motivated. Whether it’s because you want to build a new career, do a better job of supporting your family, or just make yourself proud, motivation matters. Put pictures of your end goal up wherever you work and remember what you’re working toward.

Online Programs Require Virtual Communication

All your assignments are handed in online which means you will need to communicate effectively through the written word. If you sometimes struggle with your writing skills, you’ll want to give yourself extra time to check your work for grammar and spelling errors. Read everything you’re going to submit out loud to make sure it makes sense and to catch typos. And don’t hit send until you’re sure it’s good to go.

Time Management Skills Are Crucial for Online Classes

One of the biggest challenges of distance learning is often the very thing that makes it most appealing. You get to attend class and do work when it fits into your schedule. But that easy answer to a hectic life can be a problem if you don’t have the self-discipline to avoid distractions and get your work done in a timely manner. Create an online learning space in your home that’s conducive to learning and set a realistic schedule you can stick to. And don’t forget why you’re working so hard in the first place –you’re after a goal that’s worth it!

Online Students Must Team Up with a Virtual Learning Community

Sure, an online portal is different from a traditional classroom, but you probably already spend time communicating with friends and family through text and email. To get the most out of your online course, make sure to post regularly and interact with your instructor and classmates. Consider getting together with other students in virtual study sessions, or even just a conversation or two. The more you feel a part of the online experience, the better you’ll do.


Are you ready to join the growing number of online students? Charter College offers a wide variety of online programs that could help you train for a new career or advance the skills you have for your current one. Contact us today to find out if we have what you need.