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How to Take an Online Program without Sacrificing Your Summer Vacation

When you were a kid, summer break meant sleeping in, spending time with friends, and most importantly, not having any homework. Now that you’re an adult with real responsibilities, summer might be the perfect time to get back to school to complete your degree or start a career-training program. And online programs make it easier than ever.

Thanks to flexible year-round schedules and lots of online options, a degree completion program doesn’t mean you have to spend your entire summer at a library or in a classroom. Instead, you can continue your studies and still have time for the leisurely activities you look forward to all year long. Here’s how:


  • Plan Ahead: Set aside time each week for your course instruction and homework and plan your time off around your studies. Stick to a schedule so you’ll be better able to manage your time and keep the stress away. You’ll also be more motivated to finish your schoolwork so you can enjoy whatever relaxing activities you plan for yourself. Be sure to build in extra time so you don’t need scramble to complete projects. And if you happen to finish your work early? What a great reward!
  • Do Some Work Outdoors: One of the many benefits to online educational programs is that you can complete your work anywhere. Research outdoor Wi-Fi spots in your area where you can do your work while still enjoying the nice weather. And because some of your work won’t require internet access, you can bring reading materials with you to the beach, park, or pool.
  • Keep Your Eye on the Prize: It might be difficult to focus on your studies in the summer, especially while everyone around you seems carefree. Keep in mind that taking a summer program will allow you to complete your degree, get the skills you need, and start the transition from a student to a professional.
  • Use Your Support System: Do you have a friend or family member who has offered to help you but you have never taken them up on it? Now may be the time. After all, people tend to be at their most relaxed during the summer. And if they support you and your decision to go back to school, they probably won’t mind lending a hand. Watching your kids or adding a few grocery items to their own isn’t asking a lot. And you can return the favor when your life gets less hectic and they need some help.
  • Find the Right Online Program: Find an online program with experienced instructors and a career-focused curriculum that will position you for success. Charter College offers a variety of online programs in healthcare, business, and information technology. We also have Career Services professionals who can assist you as you begin the hunt for a job in your new career.


Charter College’s online programs enroll all year long, including in the summer. Contact us to learn more.