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Career Path
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How to Take Off with a Career in Aviation

Are you ready to turn your dream of flying into a reality? Do you want an exciting career? You can really take off with a career in aviation! Here’s how:

Choose Your Wings
Do you want to work for a commercial airline? Do you want to help fight fires? Or, do you want to work at a tourist destination. With a career in aviation, you can choose whether you want to pilot an airplane or a helicopter. An airplane is a fixed-wing aircraft that uses a jet engine or propeller. A helicopter is a rotorcraft because it uses rotors to fly.

Get Quality Education
To have a career that’ll take off, you’ll need superior pilot training. Choose an FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) Part 141 flight school that’ll give you the knowledge, technical skills, and practical training you’ll need to earn your license. You’ll learn all about the exciting world of aviation including safety, weather, law, how to navigate, and much more! With an Associate of Applied Science in Aviation Degree, you’ll be ready for a variety of aviation careers. You could work in commercial freight, agricultural flying, banner towing, firefighting, medical evacuation, news broadcasting – just to name a few.

Get Flying Time
To become fully competent and comfortable piloting a plane or helicopter, you’ll need to clock in flight hours. Fixed wing or rotor programs will allow you to get over 200 hours in the air with the guidance of knowledgeable instructors. The more time you spend in the air, the more experienced you’ll become.

Earn Your License
Partner Flight Schools provide the ground school and flight hours students need to earn FAA Certificates and Ratings. The combination of classroom learning and in-flight guided training will prepare you to earn your pilot license.

Aviation professionals aren’t born, they’re trained! Start your journey at Charter College. We’ve partnered with select Part 141 Flight Schools to offer you superior pilot training. You can choose from a fixed wing or rotor program that will prepare you to earn your FAA license and seek entry-level employment as a commercial pilot or flight instructor. Find a location near you!