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How to Reenter the Workforce if You're a Woman

Published: January 16, 2017

Whether it’s been decades, years, or even just a matter of months, reentering the workforce can be overwhelming. Especially if you’re a woman. But that doesn’t mean you can’t do it!

You’ve got this.

Know what motivates you. Determine why you’re heading back to work. Sure, you need the money, but that shouldn’t be your only reason for going back to work. What do you care about? What are you good at? Before you head out into the job market, consider the direction you might take:

·         Business

·         Healthcare

·         Information Technology

·         Paralegal Studies

·         Veterinary Assistant

Get your family onboard. All the reasons you stepped away from the workforce may be the exact same reasons it’s time to get back in. If you have children, wouldn’t it be great to provide for them even better than you already do? Or maybe you have parents who would be super proud to see what you can accomplish. Let them know what you’re going to do and accept their encouragement and support.

Prepare your professional portfolio. In today’s competitive job market, it’s not enough to just have a customized resume. You need to stand out! That means building your personal brand from the ground up. Create or update your LinkedIn profile. Make certain you’re proud of whatever you put on social media. And be ready to explain your employment gaps. There are lots of great reasons to step out of the workforce. What did you do? Start a family? Opt for additional career training? It’s okay to take time off. But it’s what you did in that time that matters.

Highlight transferable skills. Just because you don’t get paid for a skill doesn’t mean it’s not worthwhile. If you stopped working to care for an ailing family member, you might make a great Medical Assistant. Or maybe you volunteer at a local animal shelter. A veterinary assistant career would enable you to be surrounded by those animals you love—and get paid for it. But there are many other transferable skills that would make you an awesome job candidate, such as:

·         Communication

·         Organization

·         Thoroughness

·         Teamwork

·         Multitasking

Fill in the gaps. When you start to pull together all the info for your resume, you might notice something is missing. Additional career training could help you acquire the new skills businesses look for in their new hires. Consider what might be missing from your personal portfolio and fill in the blanks.

Network. Attend job fairs, industry training, and networking events every chance you get. And don’t forget to reach out to your peers—especially other women—who may be a bit further along on their career path. Their knowledge could be priceless.

If you have questions about the options that might be available to you, give us a call today at 888.200.9942. We can discuss the programs that might be a fit to the future you’ve always dreamed of. At Charter College, we work to get you to work and our Career Services Department can show you just how we do it.