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How to Keep Up in Your Online Program When You Work Full Time

Weird as it might sound, taking on more challenges can be good for you. You’d think the opposite, right? But if you push yourself to accomplish more, you’ll do just that. Doing multiple tasks brings structure to your life. It adds balance. Taking an online program with practical career training while working a full-time job may sound like a lot, but just watch. You might surprise yourself at how well you do at both.

Here’s how you can keep up in your online program even if you work full time:

Work with your Current Employer

School and work are both demanding, but online learning gives you flexibility. There’s no doubt about that. Sometimes, though, things get busy at the workplace and you have to stay late. Or work the weekends. Or scratch together overtime wherever you can. It’s important to be up front with your boss about possible time conflicts. Be honest, negotiate an agreeable schedule, and check in if things start to get overwhelming. You might even pitch it as a professional development opportunity, if you want to stay in your current line of work.

The same goes for your instructors. Give them a heads up that you work a full time job. Communicate when you have conflicts or if things start to get too hectic. They may be able to work with you. After all, they want you to succeed.


Get Yourself Organized

Once your schedule starts to feel routine, you need to maintain it. Structure and balance don’t just happen. If you estimate how many hours of schoolwork you have per week, you can divide it between after-work hours and weekends as needed. Create your own online learning space and try to perform the tasks of your online program in the same place every time. Whether it’s the library, a coffee shop, or a quiet corner of your home, this will train your brain to think about school and put aside work. The simple act of writing down and crossing off tasks from a to-do list is also a helpful process. And attention to detail will prevent minor mistakes both in the workplace and in your schoolwork.


Set Achievable Goals

A set of goals will give you some perspective. It will keep you from feeling swamped with work on all fronts. Goals give you something to aim toward. They provide an endgame. The trick is to make goals that challenge you but are also ones you can reach. Goals can be long term and short term. They can range from taking and passing a class, to graduating with a specific GPA, to landing an overall better job once you complete your career training. Use your goals as an incentive. That sense of achievement you feel when you accomplish what you set out to do will make it all worth it.


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