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How to Find Reliable, High Speed WiFi for Your Online Program

One of the best parts of online learning is the flexibility it brings to education. You can work, spend time with family, or hang out with friends.  At practically the same time, you can attend an online program that could help you find a new career. Without reliable WiFi, though, online learning loses that flexibility that makes it so appealing. Don’t let a lousy Internet connection get in the way of your education! Here’s how to find reliable, high speed WiFi for your online program:


Consider Internet Service Providers

If you can get WiFi directly into your living space, it’s the easiest way to fit your online learning around your homelife. This way you can coordinate what’s happening at home with your courses. Some internet service providers (ISPs) offer a student discount. But you may be limited in your choices. And some communities only offer one, maybe two, ISPs. Even if you have a choice, you will still need to pay the monthly fee. To make it affordable, consider where you might cut back on other expenses. Your education is your priority.

Spend Time at the Café

Able to spend a solid chunk of time away from home? Your local café is an excellent WiFi option. Many coffee shops, cafés, and even some banks now, offer WiFi to customers. And, to satisfy customer demand, the service is almost always reliable. Depending on your tastes, cafes can have a great vibe that puts you right into the learning mindset. If you can, find one that’s relatively quiet with comfortable furniture and a staff that won’t rush you out the door.

Visit the Local Library

Your community’s library will have the best access to your online learning in terms of hardware and WiFi. Libraries are hubs of technology and learning. They have computers available and a steady Internet connection in addition to the lots of the educational resources (i.e., newspapers, journals, databases) on hand. Libraries also have trained staff to help out whenever you need them. Check the hours if you plan to take advantage of the library. Most libraries are not open all day, all week. Be sure to plan accordingly.

Nearby College Campus

Whether it’s a private college, public university, or community college, higher-ed campuses have resources that often dwarf the local libraries. They’ll have libraries of their own, with plenty of academic material to read; they tend to stay open late, too, to accommodate the students, especially if it’s around midterms or finals. Some may have high-tech learning centers and computer lab facilities available for public use.

Community and Transportation Hubs

Communities of all shapes and sizes have centers for gathering together and transportation facilities have WiFi for their travelers. Turn a terminal into your personal learning space as you wait for your bus or plane to depart. Whether you live in a big city or a small town, there’s probably a neighborhood or community center where people can spend time with friends; these are also great places to spend time alone, focused on your work. If they don’t have computers available for use, they’re sure to have an internet connection.


With a fast and reliable WiFi connection, online learning should be no obstacle. Charter College provides online programs in Business, Health Care, and Information Technology. These programs are designed to provide you with the same learning outcomes and dedicated instructors that serve Charter College’s campuses in a flexible and convenient delivery. Request more information today to learn about Charter’s degree and certification programs.