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How to Earn Extra Cash This Summer

Published: July 13, 2015 | Updated: January 23, 2019

Instead of just kicking back at the beach or lounging by the pool, how would you like to earn some serious cash this summer? You can! Here are a few ways to cash in. Can you think of any others?

Care for kids: When school’s out, so are the kids. And that can turn into a childcare nightmare for working parents. But their problem can be your profit. Nannying positions and babysitting jobs can supplement your income and add a whole new skillset to your resume.

Paint houses: House painters often have more work than they can handle during the summer months. That’s why they reach out to temporary employees to fill in the gaps. You can work for a contractor or even start your own business if you have the right skills. If you’re not ready to tackle exterior painting, then give indoor work a shot!

Stage homes: Are you a visual learner with a flair for design? Connect with area realtors and you could help them turn that fixer-upper into someone’s dream home. Staging helps present houses that are for sale in the best possible light. Removing excess clutter and furnishings and adding simple touches of style can make all the difference to the seller, buyer, realtor and you!

Sit for homeowners: Speaking of houses, did you know that vacationing homeowners will pay you to mind their home, plants and pets? Affluent homeowners are especially willing to pay you well to guard their possessions. You could live in the lap of luxury for a little while and get paid for the privilege!

Walk dogs: Do you love dogs? Then why not get paid for spending time with them? Pet owners who work full-time often pay others to make sure Rover gets his exercise. The best thing about being a dog walker is that you can walk several at the same time –as long as all the puppies get along.

Teach others: Whether you’re a musician, artist or just really good at math, you’ve probably got something to teach. Parents who don’t have your particular expertise often don’t mind paying for your talents. What unique skills do you have?

Drive others: Those same busy parents that can’t teach their kids soccer might need someone to drive the players to practice. Get a gig driving for families you know or consider becoming a driver for ride sharing services like Uber and Lyft.

Sell stuff: Those old electronics that you’ve got piling up in your drawers are worth money. So sell them! You can sell items online or do a clean out of even more stuff and conduct a giant yard sale. It might be trash to you, but it could be treasure to someone else.

Isn’t it great to have extra cash? At Charter College we get that sometimes it’s not easy to make ends meet. That’s why we like to share our cash-creating ideas with you. Can you share some of yours with us?