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How to Connect With Your Online Coursemates

Published: December 7, 2017

One of the reasons people feel that online courses are a little scary is because they think there just won’t be enough human interaction. Sure, there’s an instructor at the other end of that digital line, but one-on-one with just a teacher doesn’t sound right for you. If you’re worried that you won’t get to know your coursemates, here’s what you can do:


It’s probably not a choice. You’ll need to post and participate as part of the course requirements. There may be forums and discussion groups. Come prepared and ready to offer your unique insight. What have you discovered and how can you share? You can learn a lot from your fellow coursemates and they can learn from you. Just step up and make it happen.


Take in what others post during assignments and discussions. You can find out a lot about someone by how they approach their coursework. Are they as passionate as you about what they learn? Do they look at things in a similar way to you? Pay attention to the details. Once you complete your program, you’ll want to connect to others in the profession. That fellow online coursemate could soon be out in the working world ready to recommend qualified candidates to coworkers and supervisors.


You actually can develop relationships with people you meet in your course. Do it. Get to know them through the online portal but don’t be afraid to connect with them professionally, too. LinkedIn is a great place for you to expand your network and help your coursemates do the same. Exchange emails so you can stay connected after the course is over. A relationship begun over school work can turn professional as soon as you do.

Follow Through

It’s pretty easy to connect in a classroom, even if it’s virtual. But can you build a network that will stand the test of time? You can if you make an effort. Regularly reach out to the few coursemates with whom you had a thing or two in common. Once a month. Once every few months. It doesn’t matter the frequency, just the consistency. Set yourself a reminder on your phone or in your calendar and follow through.

If you want to further your career through education, but thought it would be a go-it-alone proposition, think again. At Charter College, our talented and passionate online instructors really care about your success. And you’ll have the opportunity to connect with online learners a lot like you. Find out more now by filling out the form and we’ll answer all your questions.