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How Can You Learn About Data Management?

Published: December 30, 2020

Do you ever fill out those customer surveys that ask: “How did we do today?” Those little surveys can have a big impact on a company’s sales, marketing, and customer service interactions. The information collected is all part of data management, a key concept for any business. And because data are a part of any business, the skills you learn in data management can be used across industries and careers.

What Is Data Management?

Data management is a process that includes the collection, storage, and use of important information on products, services, customers, and more. These data are often referred to as Big Data because the amount of information collected is usually very large. It’s used to make essential business decisions from what a company chooses to produce to internal policies and guidelines. It can also be used to improve customer service and experiences, guide marketing plans and communications efforts, and identify any potential issues in these areas.

Why Is Data Management Important?

Many organizations collect data through surveys, social media, website analytics, smart sensors and cameras, but they don’t know how to actually manage all that information. This is where the knowledge and skills of a trained IT team comes in. They use data management systems and databases to keep and organize the company’s Big Data. But it’s not enough to just keep that information. The first step is to keep that information safe. The company’s database needs to be protected from potential data thefts or leaks with strict cybersecurity measures in place.

Data collection and analyzation can greatly aid a company if it wants to improve its bottom line. But data management is important for other reasons as well:

  • Greater Organization—If you work for a company that frequently surveys customers, what is it doing with the survey data? Is it sitting in a digital polling platform or in someone’s inbox? Data management creates one place where all information can be stored.
  • Greater Accessibility—The database or system used by your company should be accessible to the members of the team who need to utilize it, such as compliance managers and marketing directors. But access should be restricted to only those team members who need it to keep the information safe and protected.
  • Fewer Errors—When team members are left to manage data on their own, the potential for misplacing that data, or creating errors in the data, is greater. With a central system and staff dedicated to data management, the potential for risks and mistakes is lessened.

What Careers Include Data Management?

Data management is an important component of many information technology related jobs in a variety of fields. Just a few examples:

  • Computer Systems Analyst—In this role, you would analyze the needs of your organization and implement the proper systems according to those needs. You would oversee the installation of software and systems and maintain their security.
  • Database Administrators—Database administrators are basically the information gatekeepers. They decide who has access to what pieces of information, and they back-up and restore data.
  • Information Security Analysts—In this role, you focus on the protection and security of your company’s networks and databases. You would also be responsible for responding to data and security breaches.


Almost every organization could use someone with data management skills, from retail businesses to government agencies. If you’re ready to learn more about data management, contact Charter College today. We offer a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems that will prepare you for a career in this dynamic field. Call 888-200-9942 or fill out the form to learn more.