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How to Build a Better Business Career

Published: July 20, 2016 | Updated: November 15, 2019

Did you know that most big businesses have a board of directors? If you want to build a better business career, a personal board of advisors might help you get there. Learn why and check out some of the other Charter College tips to start down a successful business career path. Which ones could you put to work right now?

Develop Important Business Skills

If you want to find success in business, you need a certain set of talents and skills. Some, like a great work ethic, attention to detail, and follow-through, you may already possess. However if you want to build a long term career, you may need additional business education and training. Accounting and finance, business ethics and law, organizational principles and behaviors, and human resources, are just a few of the subjects you’ll need to master if you want to find success in business.

Look for the Right Job

Even if you’re happy where you are, keep an eye out for jobs in your field to understand what skills are in demand and the salaries that are offered. It will help you determine what you might need to improve upon and also give you an idea of your own value in the job market. You even might discover a job better than the one you have.

Take on New Challenges

Whether you choose to stay in your current job or look for another, there are always opportunities to build your knowledge base and experience. When you see your boss busy with tasks you know you could do, ask for the chance to take on more responsibilities. Or lend a hand to others in your organization who are doing interesting things. You could find a new career path, and you’ll at least demonstrate to others that you’re not afraid of learning more and doing more.

Find a Business Mentor

You don’t need an actual board of directors, a network of colleagues can serve as powerful mentors. Maybe your boss already admires your work ethic, or a more seasoned employee at your company would love to pass on their knowledge. Find someone already in the career you’d like to have and ask them a lot of questions. What do they love about their job? How did they find their own success? What recommendations do they have for you? You can even ask them to be your mentor. It’s a help to you and a great compliment to them.

Consider Your Future

It’s important to remember that building your career is not just about your current job or even the next one. Instead of thinking about what you want from your job, think about what you want from your career. Look at where you are now as one step on a very long ladder. Not every rung will be a perfect fit to your foot but if they help you reach the top, they’re all really important. You may have to put up with a bad boss or a job you don’t love for a little while to find one you do.

Charter College has a wide array of business programs that can help you build a better career. And because they’re online, you can continue working while you’re learning. Give us a call today to find out more.