Man receiving helicopter flight training.
Man receiving helicopter flight training.

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Helicopter Flight Training: How to Get Started

Do you crave the excitement of a career as a helicopter pilot? With the right training and experience, you could fly helicopters for hospitals, search and rescue missions, TV news channels and more. To give yourself the best chance of success, you should prepare for your career before you even enter aviation school.

Here’s how to get started in helicopter flight training:


Start Learning Now

You can help prepare yourself for success in school if you get a jump-start on studying and learning beforehand. There are a lot of acronyms and terms to learn in flight school and an aviation program. Q codes, as some of them are called, are quick ways to communicate in an abbreviated form. For example, if you say QDM to a controller, they’ll understand that you’re not sure of your position in the sky and give you guidance. Learning some of the codes before you start school will help you grasp the concepts more quickly. You can learn about the profession and the culture from aviation blogs, websites and even YouTube videos.


Take a Discovery Flight

It’s a great idea to take a discovery flight before you formally start your helicopter flight training. These flights, which are about 30 minutes to an hour long, let you experience what it’s like to be up in a helicopter. You’ll even get a chance to take the controls! This way you can be sure you like the idea of flying before you invest your time and money on training.

In a discovery flight, a licensed pilot introduces you to helicopter flight. With their guidance and supervision, they’ll also give you the opportunity to take over piloting for a bit. This is also an excellent opportunity to ask a professional in the field any questions you have, and to get their advice on the industry and training.


Get Your Medical Certificate

The Federal Aviation Administration requires you to get a medical certificate to prove your good health before you fly a helicopter alone.  You should earn your certificate before you enroll. It’s a good idea. After all, you don’t want to find out that you’re not medically qualified after you’ve already started your program. At Charter College, you must have your certificate before you’ll be admitted to the program. You earn the certificate when you pass a physical exam administered by an aviation medical examiner. There are three levels of medical certificates and several parts to the tests.


Research Your Ideal Helicopter Flight Training Program

Aviation programs include a mix of in-class and flight time. Through the Charter College Flight School Partners, you can receive an associate or bachelor’s degree in aviation. Our program combines online classes with ground school and flight hours.


Find Out the Cost Of Training

You should also speak to an Admissions Representative to learn the cost of the aviation program before you get started.

Now that you know how to prepare for helicopter flight training, you are a little closer to taking flight! Contact Charter College today to learn about our aviation programs and the flight schools we partner with to get you off the ground.