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Have You Forgotten These Simple-but effective-Job Search Tips?

No one thinks that looking for a new job is fun. And as you set out on the path to a new career and a new beginning, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. But there are some effective job search tips that can be a great help. What’s more reassuring is that they may even be a little familiar. Have you forgotten these time-tested strategies that you can use to find a new job?


Network. Believe it or not, this is your FIRST step on the path to an effective job search. And it should be happening ALWAYS. Even if you’re lucky enough to have a job you like, networking can keep you connected, informed, and aware. You’ll meet people who can give you tips on how to perform your current job well or push you on to another opportunity. If you want to stay put, networking can help you discover what you’re worth on the job market, so you’ll have that information in your head at your next review. If you’re an awesome employee, doing a great job, make sure you’re getting paid accordingly.


Make a good first impression. It’s a crazy old cliché that never gets old. What you wear and how you present yourself in an interview matters. But did you know that the hiring manager may have already drawn some conclusions about who you are and how you’ll fit to the organization before he or she even meets you? That’s because in today’s digital world, you’ve probably already created a first impression online. Are you proud of yours?


Align yourself to the job. If you want the job, you need to show that you’re a perfect match. That starts with a resume and cover letter that uses language pulled directly from the job posting. Did you know that long before your resume gets seen by a human, it may be scanned by a computer? Make sure you pass the applicant tracking system first. Once you get the interview, highlight all the ways your knowledge, experience, and passion are a perfect fit to the job.


Update in real time. You don’t even remember this, but once upon a time, people created resumes that were sent off to professional printers. They were well thought-out, carefully crafted, put on fancy stationery, and had accompanying envelopes. A resume was its own small investment of time and money. Wow, have times changed! Now your resume needs to evolve as often as you do. Are you taking on new responsibilities in your current job? Add them to your resume. Have you joined a new association or found a new cause about which you’re passionate? Update your resume.


Ask for the job. If this sounds super obvious, good for you. But many job applicants do everything right and then forget to say they actually want the job. They don’t express a desire to work for the company or perform any follow-up. Make sure you do!


Say thank you. No matter how the interview goes, say thank you. Do it at the close of the conversation and then send a thank you email. If you don’t hear back after a while, it’s even okay to find out if they gave the job to someone else. Now’s the tough part. If they did, find out why. It may not be great to hear what you did wrong, but you can take it, right? And you can use the feedback to hone your skills and do better next time.


If you want more tips on how to present yourself professionally, Charter College offers all our students and graduates a wide range of Career Services. Find out how we could help you prepare for the career of your dreams.