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Eight Ways to Master a Phone Interview

Phone interviews are considered common practice nowadays. Now’s the time to perfect your skills! Employers use phone interviews to narrow down applicants to a small pool. To be chosen, use these eight ways to master a phone interview:

1. Prepare. You should prepare for a phone interview as seriously as you would for an in-person one. Both interviews are equally important in the application process. Thoroughly research the company and the position. Have your notes and résumé handy.

2. Introduce yourself when you answer the phone. This saves the interviewer the trouble and awkwardness of asking for you. It shows a level of professionalism that the interviewer is sure to remember.

3. Remember your manners and phone etiquette. Don’t interrupt and listen patiently. Make your responses direct and to the point. Don’t ramble on. Take brief pauses and speak slowly and clearly so that the interviewer can take notes.  

4. Watch the fillers. Be extra careful of the fillers that make their way into spoken language. Take a second to think before the ums, wells, and likes reach your lips. Take the time to demonstrate your polished communication skills.

5. Pay attention to your tone. The interviewer can’t judge you by your body language and gestures, so your voice needs do the work for you. Your tone should portray enthusiasm, high energy, and confidence.

6. Speak up! Whether it’s revealed to you or not, there might be other people on the call. You could be speaking to a room of people, so speak up. Even if it is just one person, speak in an assertive and clear manner. A quiet, mouse-like voice won’t portray the confidence that they’re looking for in a candidate.

7. Smile. No one will be able to tell whether you’re smiling or not. But, your smile can reflect a friendly, positive attitude.

8. Ask questions. Just like a typical interview, ask questions. Get the information you’re missing from an on-site interview. Ask about the work environment to get an idea if it suits your style.

Do you want to learn more interview tips? At Charter College, we teach students the skills they need to get started in a new career. We give our students and graduates career planning guidance, including interview practice and résumé workshops. We offer a variety of programs with flexible class schedules starting every five weeks. Armed with the skills you need, you could get started in a growing field today.