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Don’t Get Tripped Up By These 5 Online Learning Challenges

Published: August 7, 2017

Online programs sound like the perfect solution to continuing education and career advancement, right? After all, they can provide important career training and their format makes them more accessible and convenient than traditional learning.

But wait! If you go in blind, and think eLearning is all easy As and super quick certifications, you don’t know about the online learning challenges you might face. Here are the 5 most common online learning challenges and what you can do to overcome them:

1)   Technological glitches: Even if you think your technology is up-to-speed, you may not have what you need to access your program’s portal, communicate with instructors, or interact with your peers. Nothing’s worse than hitting the assignment submit button only to lose all your hard work and have to turn in a late assignment. Before you sign up for an online program, make sure you have at least:

·         Consistent high-speed internet access

·         Minimum of 4GB RAM

·         Supported web browser

·         Current operating system

·         Intel I3 Processor or higher

·         Windows media player

·         Adobe Flash and Reader

·         Sound card and computer speakers

·         Dependable wireless connection

2)  Portal knowledge: Once you have the basic technology, you’ll also need to learn the course portal and software that your program demands. Find out before you enroll what will be expected of you. You’ll probably be required to use the school’s email, along with basic programs from the Microsoft Office Suite and other program specific tools. For example, if you’re a Medical Assistant student, you’ll need to learn something about healthcare facility software and billing and coding programs. If you’re in business, you’ll need to know about accounting programs.

3)  Adaptability: Learning online is much different from a traditional classroom setting. If you expect to have an instructor lecture to you while you half-heartedly take notes, you’ll get off on the wrong foot. Although the best online programs have instructors who really care about their students, they’ll also expect you to step up and do the work. It’s up to you to stay on task without being reminded, ask questions when you’re confused, and participate in an online format like you would in a classroom. Be proactive!

4)  Self-motivation: Back to that teacher in an online class. He or she may really want you to do well, but they should not be your source for motivation. Why are you getting this education in the first place? If it’s to get a better job, or provide more for your family, remember that fact every single time you long on; this is worth it! If it helps, surround your study place with pictures of the end goal. Do you have a son or daughter? Make them your screensaver or tape their pictures to your computer cover. All this hard work is for them!

5)  Time-management: Even when you have the best intentions, sometimes it seems like you run out of hours in the day. That’s why time-management tools can be the answer to online success. Right from the start use technology to align your personal schedule with the program assignments. Use your phone or a day planner and set realistic times to get all your stuff done. That includes your job, your family responsibilities, even your personal life. Then, make sure to readjust as necessary. Remember, you have to be adaptable.

Set yourself up for success from the get-go and there’s no telling where your online program could lead. Charter College has online programs in Business, Healthcare, Information Technology, and more. Request info to learn more now.