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Do You Have These Important Healthcare Computer Skills?

Published: December 4, 2019

When you think of the skills you need to work in a healthcare setting, compassion and knowledge of the medical field are likely top of mind. But in today’s modern healthcare climate, it’s critical that you also have computer skills. Just about everything is automated to some degree, so if you’re not up to speed on technology, you could be left behind.

Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Keeping

You’ve probably noticed that you need to fill out paperwork each time you visit a new medical provider. Medical office staff require this information to build out your patient chart, which your medical provider updates during each visit. The records on the paper chart that you may see your doctor refer to are also kept electronically by using a medical software system. If you’re comfortable on a computer, you can learn to use EMR systems to accurately enter information into patient records and access it later. You’ll need to understand some basic medical terms, have an ability to keep patient info private and a have fine attention to detail. But being knowledgeable on EMR systems will help you with entry-level healthcare cares and beyond.

Medical Billing and Coding

If you work in an office setting as a Medical Office Administrative Assistant or a Medical Assistant, you’ll need to understand medical billing and coding processes. Billing and coding programs assign alphanumeric symbols to diagnoses and treatments so that insurance companies cover patient medical care costs appropriately. To work in medical billing and coding, you’ll need to know a lot of these symbols—there are more than 65,000 of them! But don’t worry, if you know the system, the coding software will help you. Interestingly, though, pretty soon you’ll be an expert and have hundreds of these codes in your head.

Healthcare Scheduling Apps

If you’ve ever spent a long time in a patient waiting room, you understand the importance of having an effective patient scheduling system. In any medical setting, creating and adhering to schedules helps to keep the practice running smoothly. This includes knowing how many patients you can schedule and how far apart you should space appointments. Just like medical records and billing and coding procedures, you will also use software to help you maintain your healthcare setting’s calendar. You will need to be familiar with this software to schedule patient appointments and to add reminders to confirm appointments and follow up with patients.

Basic Healthcare Computer Skills

Even though many computer skills aren’t specific to the medical profession, there are some basics you’ll just need to know. For example, the Microsoft Office Suite is important computer knowledge to have in your skillset. Sure, it’s great for business careers, but it’s also good for you if you want to write up notes in Microsoft Word or enter data into Microsoft Excel. Or maybe you’ll need to give a presentation at some time or another; Microsoft PowerPoint is great for that. And of course, you’ll send emails. Microsoft Outlook is a common email tool in and out of hospitals. Do you know how to use it?


Do you want a career in health care? Then, you’ll need some important healthcare computer skills! At Charter College, our goal is to provide you with the tools you need to succeed in an entry-level healthcare career. And computer skills are at the top of the list. Find out if we have a program that fits your passion. Fill out the form now, and we’ll be in touch soon.