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Charter College: Our 2020 Vision for Students, Graduates, and our College

At Charter College, we’re looking forward to a great year of opportunity, growth, and success for our students, graduates, and the team that supports them all. And we are confident that 2020 is going to be an excellent year.

We Focus on Our Students

One of the reasons we have such optimism for the future is because we know what we do and for whom we do it all. We work to get you to work. That’s the end goal. We work backwards from there, which means it all starts with the needs of our students. We create an environment that is conducive to your personal, social, and academic well-being.

Career Focused Programs

Founded nearly 35 years ago by Dr. Milton Byrd, Charter College has always been about providing students with real-world skills that they can put to immediate use in the job market. We also focus on industries that need employees. That’s why we offer programs in Health Care and IT, two multi-trillion-dollar industries that are predicted to grow far into the future. And it’s why we train students to become professionals like Medical Assistants,1 Dental Assistants,2 and HVAC Technicians,3 all of which are expected to have much faster than average job growth through 2028. Our students come to Charter College because they’re ready to work; they just don’t yet have all the skills their new career will require. That’s where we come in.

Determined and Able Students

Every college administrator thinks his students are the best. I guess I’m no exception. However, that’s because I have seen students overcome considerable obstacles on their way to their careers. Charter College students are smart, determined, and hard-working. Not only do they bring their best into the classroom, labs, and externships; they’re often holding down jobs, supporting families. And they do it all with a positive attitude.

Smart and Passionate Faculty and Staff

Of course I am proud of my staff. They’re smart, brave, dedicated, and passionate about our students. I encourage them to behave like owners. Owners maintain and improve the value of their investment. Renters occupy space with no investment in its future. When you behave like an owner, you own your job, master your skills, invest in the future. You take personal responsibility when you make a mistake and always strive to improve. At Charter College, we’re owners.

Continuous Improvement

Even though I think Charter College is great, I know we can be even better. I am never satisfied with the status quo, with things staying the same, and I encourage everyone who works for me to have the same “always improving” attitude. That means we use data to take a hard look at how we’re doing and where there might be room for improvement. We also hire and develop the best people. And we give them the tools they need to succeed, both in terms of the people who support them and the technology that will make their jobs easier.


Integrity is the foundation upon which the college and the success of our students is built. We believe in what we do, care passionately about our mission, demand excellence and hold to our convictions. We never settle for less than we expect and we are committed to a bright future.


Happy New Year! May you find happiness and success in 2020.


Joshua Swayne

CEO/Charter College


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