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Student Life
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Blended Learning for the Non-Traditional Student

Published: December 18, 2014 | Updated: January 14, 2019

Effective education is not only about learning facts, retaining information and asking the right questions; it is also about transforming the way students learn as well as how they think and relate to the world outside the classroom.

The Blended Classroom

Sometimes referred to as a "hybrid" environment, a blended classroom lets students take college classes online with the occasional face-to-face instruction. In a blended classroom, technology is not merely a supplemental tool for learning; instead, it is integral to the learning process. In fact, it transforms the traditional concept of teaching where the student is merely on the receiving end of a teacher’s knowledge. In a blended classroom, the student is responsible for more of his or her learning by tapping into the vast resources available to them through technology.

The Advantages of Blended Learning

A blended learning environment gives students the best that traditional classrooms and online learning have to offer. Brick and mortar classroom interaction encourages collaboration, cooperation and healthy discussion or even debate about the subject matter being studied. On the other hand, online courses engender independent thinking, resourcefulness and accountability. A blended classroom is where the different aspects of learning coalesce into a cohesive and integrated learning experience.

Blended learning also gives students a fair amount of flexibility that is difficult to find in traditional classrooms. People lead very busy lives in today’s modern world. The demands on their time are plentiful, constant and (almost always) stressful. In a blended classroom, students have the option of pursuing learning at their own pace. Because of this, they often learn better, retain more information and develop a deeper understanding and appreciation not only of what they have learned, but also how they learned.

The Non-Traditional Student

An increasing number of people now realize that education is a life-long process. It does not end with a diploma; neither is it limited to a campus, a certain age or even a particular lifestyle. Online education has created a new generation of life-long learners: non-traditional students who are not bound by age, background or even professional ambitions. For these modern education enthusiasts, the world is indeed their oyster through online learning.

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