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Benefits of Being a RN

Published: January 27, 2015 | Updated: April 20, 2020

Registered nurses have one of the most versatile roles in healthcare. They coordinate patient care and even get to work with patients alongside doctors. Plus, registered nursing tends to be a stable career with faster-than-average job growth.

Explore all the registered nurse benefits to find out if you want to become a registered nurse in Alaska.

Nursing Provides a Variety of Career Options

An open field with several sub-specializations, you will find a wide range of career options available to you with an RN degree. Many nurses work in hospitals, of course, but you can just easily find employment opportunities in schools, an industrial setting, nursing homes, etc.

Choose from Different Healthcare Work Environments

As a nurse, you can work in a large city or a small town, part-time or full-time, and during the day or evening depending on your schedule and availability.

Earn a Competitive Salary as an RN

With a field that is ever-growing, there is always room to grow within your position and the industry. Fortunately an increase of experience generally translates into a competitive salary that is negotiated based off of your plethora of knowledge and experience. RNs receive bigger salaries and enjoy more benefits than other nursing professionals such as licensed pracical nurses.

Nursing Is a Dynamic Field

Nursing is not a static field. There are always opportunities to improve your skills, widen your knowledge or explore and specialize in an emerging field. If you like the idea of being a life-long learner, you will never run out of opportunities to learn and grow as a nurse.

Registered Nurses Get to Help People

The work that nurses do makes a difference not only in the health of their patients, but also in the overall quality of their life. As a nurse, you can make a concrete, profound and lasting impact on the people who are entrusted in your care.

You'll Always Be Challenged as a Registered Nurse

Nursing is hard work. You may sometimes find yourself challenged physically, emotionally, intellectually and even spiritually, but the rewards (professionally and personally) are equally great.

From one day to the next, your life as a nurse will never be boring. Although you may be able to predict the work that you will do in the course of a typical work day, the people you encounter will keep you guessing. Nursing is definitely full of (mostly pleasant) surprises.

Registered Nursing Is a Valued and Trusted Profession

Nurses enjoy the trust and confidence not only of their patients, but also the doctors they work with and the public in general. There are few other professions that are regarded as highly or valued as dearly.


Charter College offers an Associate of Applied Science in Nursing program in Alaska. You’ll gain the training you need to be on the path to a career as a registered nurse.