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Are You Using These 5 Online Strategies for Success?

Published: May 1, 2017

You’ve jumped into an online program and are determined to do well and commit to following through. But are you really ready? Check out Charter College’s 5 online strategies for success to make sure you have all the tools, tricks, and techniques you need:


1.       Commit enough time. Just because online programs are super convenient and flexible doesn’t mean they’ll be less time-consuming than traditional courses. Before you enroll, check out the full scope of the program and what will be expected of you. In addition to “class time,” what does the school recommend for out-of-class work? If the course catalogue says that “a student can anticipate out-of-class activities that equal about two (2) hours for every one (1) hour of lecture,” count on that and more.


2.       Develop a routine. Use a calendar and create daily tasks for your personal, work, and school life. The more details the better! That may mean you need to schedule out time to make a meal, get some exercise, or even take a shower. Plan out all your assignments—both short and long-term—and allow enough time from start to finish so that you submit your very best work. Begin them early. Check and recheck. Then, check your work once more.


3.       Create your own classroom. It doesn’t have to look anything like an actual classroom, but you will need a dedicated space to attend your virtual classroom. Make certain you have reliable internet service and minimal distractions. If you don’t have an appropriate space at home, check out your local library or community center. Even a quiet coffee shop can be a great place to learn. Which one will be right for you?


4.       Enter the portal every day. Even if there’s no lecture to listen to, video to watch or assignment to submit, access the course portal every single day. Online program attendance and participation are sometimes measured by the number of times you’re on the course site. But even if you’re not being tracked, get in there and look around—often. You’ll be more familiar with the app and won’t be confused when it does come time to hand in an assignment. You’ll also know about materials updates and deadline changes. Why rush to complete an assignment on Tuesday when it’s been pushed back until Friday?


5.       Communicate. That means using whatever method your instructor prefers to get in touch and stay in touch. If you have questions, ask. If something’s going on in your life that means you might miss a deadline (try not to), let your teacher know. But communication isn’t just about the head of the class; it’s also about all of your fellow learners. Just think, these people could be your future colleagues. Don’t you want to get to know them now?


If you want to change careers, or advance in the one you already have, online programs give you the opportunity to learn new skills and professions. Check out the wide variety of online offerings at Charter College today!