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Americans Are Changing Careers. What About You?

Published: April 27, 2016 | Updated: November 10, 2020

More than 25 percent of American professionals are indifferent or unhappy about their jobs, and almost 10 percent say they definitely plan to change jobs in 2016.1 What about you? Are you ready to change things up?

The number one reason people switch jobs is for career opportunity and according to a recent survey, 1 in 3 people who change their jobs, change their careers entirely.2 They want something better than what they have and two of the top industries where they’re finding it are healthcare and technology. If you’re tired of your current career or feel like it’s “just a job,” maybe it’s time you take a look at the two career paths so many others are pursuing.

If you’re tired of your current career or feel like it’s “just a job,”
maybe it’s time to take a look….

Healthcare is a multi-trillion dollar industry3 that employs more than 18 million workers.4 If you want a career where you could help others while helping yourself to a rewarding career, check out all healthcare has to offer.

Here are just two of the healthcare careers you could consider:

Pharmacy Technician: If you’re well organized, have a fine attention to detail and like working with people, check out what it’s like to be a pharmacy technician. In addition to being an important assistant to the pharmacist, you would prepare prescription medications and provide them to patients. You’d manage medicines and supplies and enter important data into a patient’s health records. And you’d spend much of your time interacting with patients to answer their questions or direct them to a pharmacist who could.

Nurse: Nursing is a noble profession that many people consider a calling. If you become a nurse, your life’s work will be to help others. You’d work as an important member of a healthcare team and have lots of interaction with patients from all walks of life. You’d administer care and medication under the direction of physicians and registered nurses and be a comforting presence when people are feeling nervous, sick and scared. Is nursing your calling? Check out the training at Charter College today.

Technology is another multi-trillion dollar sector5 with lots of opportunity if you have the skills and career training. How would you like to choose one of these two jobs in IT to call your career?

Computer Technician: As a computer technician, you’d be the go-to person in times of a computer crisis. You’d be like an IT superhero, coming to the rescue to save hardware, software, files and data. Wow! What a responsibility. Are you up for the task? You’ll need to be a great problem-solver and have super fine attention to details. You’ll also need to know how to install networks, systems and software, and troubleshoot it all when things go wrong. Computer techs are also good at explaining technical terms and language to the people they help. Does that sound like you?

IT Help Desk Specialist: Have you ever had something go wrong with your computer and wound up calling a support line? What if it were you on the other end of the line offering assistance, troubleshooting a customer’s issues and solving their problems? As a help desk specialist, you might assist customers over the phone or in person, but either way you’d need great communication skills. You’d also need a wealth of knowledge about how computers, networks, systems and software all work.

Whatever career path you choose, you’ll want training that truly prepares you for what’s to come. At Charter College, we not only have career-focused programs in healthcare and IT; we also have programs in business, veterinary assistant and some trades. Are you ready to change your career? Start here.