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7 Summer Jobs That Could Help You Earn Extra Cash

Published: June 12, 2017

Money’s always tight! But doesn’t it seem even harder to stay on-budget in the summertime? Everyone is going places and doing things. You’re saying yes, yes, yes. But your wallet is saying, not so fast. If you want to join in on some of that summer fun, you’ll need some extra cash. Here are 7 Summer Jobs you might consider to boost your earnings:

1.       Summer Attendant: Whether you park cars at the beach, hand out beverages at the golf course, or sell sunscreen at the pool, you can find summer-only jobs that fit the bill. Private beaches, clubs, and hotels hire seasonal help to meet the needs of an uptick in their patrons. At the nicest resorts, you can count on your pay from the establishment, plus tips from some generous clients.

2.       Nanny: Moms and dads may love the summer just as much as their kiddos, but they don’t like the childcare nightmare it can cause. That’s why nannying is such a good summertime gig. You can help out locally for working moms or think vacation—theirs not yours. Many families take nannies along when they go to summer homes and destinations so they can have some downtime along with their children.

3.       Driver: That same mom or dad who would love to hire a nanny, may settle for someone to chauffeur the kids to lessons, camps, and playdates. Or you could sign up with a ride service like Uber or Lyft and be your own boss, make your own hours, choose your own customers.

4.       Personal Assistant: Wouldn’t you love for someone to handle all the tiny details of your life? You may not be there yet, but others are. If you’re detail-oriented, pleasant, and professional, you could hire yourself out as a personal assistant. Run errands, keep calendars organized, schedule appointments, even make dinner reservations for stressed out people who can afford the luxury of some hired help.

5.       Landscaper: You’re not a kid mowing the neighbors’ lawns for five bucks an hour anymore. You’re an adult and landscaping is an 83 billion dollar industry these days. But you don’t have to create your own business. Summer is the time of year professional landscaping companies look for extra help. If you like fresh air and a bit of hard work, you could earn extra cash all the way through the fall.

6.       Food Server: Every waterfront restaurant or riverside bar does better in the summer. That’s why they need additional food servers, runners, dishwashers, and hosts. Schedules are often flexible and if you work front-of-house waiting tables, you can earn quite a bit of extra money in tips. Just remember, the higher the restaurant tab, the more you’ll earn in tips. Think 5 star restaurants!

7.       Park Worker: Of course National and State Parks are busier in the summer—which means they need to staff up. If you love the great outdoors, check out the hundreds of park job postings online. While there are only 59 National Parks in the U.S., they make up millions of acres across more than half the States in the country.1 Add individual State parks to the equation, and you’ll see there are plenty of opportunities to work outdoors and earn extra money this summer.

At Charter College, many of our students work full time jobs while going to school. Does that sound like you? Then maybe you’re a Charter Type. Fill out the form to find out about our programs and how you could fit an education into even your busy schedule.


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